Butternut School District

Long-Range Library Plan


The Long-Range Library Plan for the School District of Butternut has been prepared in conjunction with the Wisconsin Administrative Code, the Wisconsin Digital Plan, and Future Ready planning. The Plan includes information in the following areas:

  • Personalized Professional Learning (Facilitating Professional Learning)

  • Robust Infrastructure (Ensures Equitable Digital Access)

  • Budget & Resources (Invests Strategically in Digital Resources)

  • Community Partnerships (Cultivates Community Partnerships)

  • Data & Privacy (Advocates for Student Privacy)

  • Collaborative Leadership (Leads Beyond the Library)

  • Use of Space & Time (Designs Collaborative Spaces)

  • Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment (Curates Digital Resources & Tools; Empowers Students as Creators: Builds Instructional Partnerships

Wisconsin Administrative Code PI-8.01(2)(h)1

(h)Library media services. Each school district board shall:

  1. Have on file a written, long-range plan for library services development which has been formulated by teachers, library and audiovisual personnel and administrators, and approved by the school district board.

  2. Designate a licensed library media person to direct and coordinate the district's library media program.

  3. Provide library facilities within the school building and make available to all pupils a current, balanced collection of books, basic reference materials, texts, periodicals, and audiovisual materials which depicts in an accurate and unbiased way the cultural diversity and pluralistic nature of American society.

  4. Provide library media services to all pupils as follows: to pupils in grades kindergarten through 6, library media services which are performed by or under the direction of licensed library and audiovisual personnel; and to pupils in grades 7 through 12, library media services which are performed by licenses library and audiovisual personnel.

The Mission of the Butternut School District is to provide a safe educational environment that inspires our students and prepares them for success in the ever-changing world.

Several factors make our mission possible.

• Primary is the dedication of a staff willing to do whatever it takes to help students be successful through patience and continuing professional development.

• The insight of the Butternut School Board and the support of our district residents help Butternut maintain a high graduation rate.

• Our graduates benefit through the Butternut Community Scholarship, made possible by John and Melissa Besse, by receiving $20,000 to help with post high school education expenses.

• Lastly, average class sizes around sixteen (16) students allow our staff to better attend to individual needs.