Liberty Hill I.S.D.

Professional Learning

Follow us as we share our great moments in learning at Liberty Hill I.S.D.


  • Summer Academy of Learning 2021 is scheduled for June 7-10, 2021. This will be held in-person at Liberty Hill High School. The Summer Academy of Learning will offer:

    • Curriculum Cadres

    • Book Studies

    • GT Updates

    • GT Institute

    • Content-Specific Learning

    • Grade-Level Specific Learning

    • And Many Other Options!

Welcome back to another great school year in Panther Nation! As we get started for another exciting year, here are a few professional learning opportunities taking place. Back to school events will take place August 2021.

  • New Teacher Orientation

  • Convocation

  • Back to School

  • Campus Learning Time

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • Compliance Training

These two days are a great opportunity for teachers to engage in learning during the school year. Together with campuses, PLCs, and district teams, teachers will continue learning and working together. Dates are October and February.

  • Prekindergarten Training

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Curriculum Cadres

Other Learning Opportunities

There are numerous sessions and learning opportunities happening all summer long. You can take advantage of online webinars, Region 13 offerings, and other events happening See Exchange Hours page for more details of additional offerings. You are responsible for uploading your credit from outside opportunities into your Eduphoria Portfolio. Check with your campus principal to take advantage of these opportunities.

Texas Gateway has an abundance of professional learning courses available to Texas teachers.

Check out these online opportunites to continue professional learning all year!

Exchange Hours

All L.H.I.S.D. teachers are encouraged to participate in professional learning opportunities. Participants can exchange hours during non-contractual summer time. See Exchange Hours page for more details.

G/T Update and Initial Training Information

Do you have questions about your G/T update hours or obtaining your initial training hours? Check out the G/T Professional Learning Page for more information or contact Candy Tijerina at

Staff Development Requirements

Classroom teachers are required to complete at least 150 clock hours of CPE, and principals must complete 200 clock hours during each five-year renewal period. LHISD requires teachers and principals to complete a minimum of 50 clock hours of CPE each year. Clock hours for the year count from June-May.

All staff members need to keep original staff development certificates. Staff members need to access their transcript of training in Eduphoria Workshop to review it. All in-district staff development will appear on the transcript. Out of district certificates should be entered into Eduphoria by the staff member into Eduphoria Workshop. See Eduphoria Portfolio Page for more information. Certificates can be scanned and downloaded into Workshop. Certificates should not be submitted to central office.

For more information, see the LHISD Employee Handbook posted on district website in the HR Department.