Lisa Favero

While I’ve learned and benefited a great deal from many traditions, teachers and practices, this [Possibility Management] is the first method that I can say is fundamentally incapable of being used as a Band-Aid.

Many modalities aim to empower clients, but none I know truly succeed at keeping the client from becoming dependent on the provider. In Possibility Management, one’s own attempts at transference, at turning the facilitator into a parental authority or deferring to some other external higher power will be interrupted. There’s no spiritual bypassing here, no substituting one addiction for another, and the work that gets done is all by the client. There’s no investment in keeping you locked in its system, and it imparts the wherewithal to do one’s own critical thinking. Possibility Management is a clean, clear route to adult functioning.

Michelle Manjarrez

Possibility management (PM) has provided me with a sustainable tool box that has been invaluable in my relationship with Self and others.

Annette has been my PM coach throughout some very intense and painful processes - where she enabled me to 'see' in order to heal and become a more authentic Me.

Besides her PM training, she has a natural ability to track energy and tap into the energy body- the only place where real shifts are possible!

I'm forever grateful Anette.

Diane Petersen

Before Possibility Management, I had numbed myself for so long that I literally did not know what I felt. Through the work, I was able to get in touch with my feelings and to act on them in a positive way. Anette helped me in this process because she intuitively knows the right question to ask and the right guidance to give in order to facilitate emotional growth and self-knowledge. She has so much wisdom, which is the result of years of training and a wealth of life experience. I highly recommend her as a counselor.

Katrin Etteldorf

Anette is not distracted by the imponderables of life. Boldly she walks her way.

In what she does, she is authentic, because what applies to others also applies to her.

As we walk the path of transformation, we are confronted with all the illusions that we have built around us. Illusions and beliefs that blind us, for what we really want and need. Anette has the wonderful gift to see new possibilities and to bring one to the full responsibility for one's life. With her heart and hand she helps to take this new path.

Jack Pollard

I started studying Possibility Management with Anette about six years ago. My life has totally transformed. There's lots of great things I could say about the changes that have happened. But what matters to me most is that I feel like I have my life back! Instead of being trapped in my old dull, and limited existence, I am free to be myself and to fully experience my life. I couldn't have done this without Anette and PM.