About Me

About Me

  • the longing for more depth, authenticity and liveliness with men and women, embedded in community.
  • Be a pioneer and be prepared to research for more intimacy.
  • To seek and find opportunities in a responsible manner, without denying one's heart.
  • to go new ways, to become a raw model for one's own life and the other.

That is, to become a culture-creative person and to be in a responsible universe.

Separation is our illusion. We live in the community among humans, animals and with our mother earth in this universe.


  • Year 1961
  • Company supervisor Total DB for 4 years
  • Mother of three grown children: Johannes, Daniel & Laura
  • Oriental dance education with various teachers.
  • Teacher for Oriental Dance: giving private sessions and teaching at various VHS (local community colleges) in Franconia for over 15 years.
  • Dance pedagogical training and dance therapy training for “Biodynamic Dancing” in the institute for HKiT (Healing Forces in Dance) in Inzmühlen, offers for individual work and in groups.
  • 14 years musician for international and franconian folk music (bands: Spessart-Spilleut and Hackbock Quartet)
  • 11 years Director & Artistic consultant at the Amviehtheater in Arnstein-Halsheim.
  • Education & Student as peace researcher in the Peace Research Village Tamera:
  • Healing Biotope I Monte Cerro, Portugal for 3 years.
  • Research for community building, intimacy and peace research.
  • Since 2009 married in the USA, Seattle. Personal coach and trainer for Possibility Management and the creator and development of the star community in Seattle, WA and the community movement "New Culture".
  • Since 2017 also international active as HKiT dancer and Possibility Manager trainer in Germany and the USA. With the establishment of the Center "Life Tribe" Holistic paradigm shift from cancer in Mexico.