About Me

About Me

My bright principles: Clarity, Encouragement, Possibilities, Joy of Life, Love

I am a creative person in a responsible universe. My longing for depth, authenticity and vitality has always driven me, the search for a responsible and sustainable life inspired me, and the desire for true intimacy made me a researcher and pioneer.

My path to becoming a Possibility Manager took me through classical vocational training at the Deutsche Bundesbahn (Federal Railways), fourteen years as a folk musician and event manager in my own theater, as well as dance training in belly dance, biodynamic dance therapy (HKiT -healing powers in dance) and the Afro-American Orishas (archetypal powers) of Brazil. The danced Orishas integrate into my trainings so that people can use the physical body to more easily connect with the emotional body and then use them for transformational processes so that the true self can be expressed.

My purpose is to bring people into their strength and clarity, encourage them to find independence, and empower them to use the intelligence of their heart along with their mind to find a shift in perspective that leads them to a life of abundance. This works not just for individuals but for couples and communities. Separation is an illusion.

After a full professional and family life in Germany, raising three now adult children, I studied for 3 years at Tamera Community and Research Village in Portugal, becoming a certified Peaceworker. In 2009 I came to the US and started co-creating Possibility Management trainings (www.possibilitymanagement.org). I am currently a co-creator and coach at Star Community in Seattle and I am involved in the New Culture movement (www.nfnc.org). Since 2016, I have been commuting between the US and Germany, giving Possibility Management trainings, coaching individuals and couples, and supporting communities in their development.