For Communities


Individual Coaching

Through individual coaching you experience more clarity and more distinctions in your individual bodies ... such. In your mental body (mind) and in your emotional body (feelings).

For individual accompaniment, especially in difficult phases and transitions.

  • More clarity and distinctions between your thinking and your feelings.
  • Clean your relationship room.
  • Distill your destiny.
  • Develop better communication and accompany you on your path of self-acceptance.
  • Intimacy is emerging at the moment.
  • Investment: $100 - 150 Sliding Scale

For Couples


Addiction Consultation

We all come from an addiction structure, almost every one of us knows someone who is addicted to alcohol, drugs or any other addiction or has to do it himself. Unfortunately, the topic is still very isolated and full of shame.

Was very fatal, because isolation is a typical feature of addiction. I myself have dealt with my own addiction structure. First with the books of the researcher and therapist Anne Wilson Schaef from the USA and then with the twelve steps program of the anonymous alcoholics. It took a lot of courage at the beginning and was very hard to deal with, but if you go deeper, it is like a blessing. One recognizes the addictive structures within oneself, the very shame the obsessions to certain things the hopelessness and the hunger into our soul for meaning and affiliation and to become a part of this large organism. To do what we came for and feel the connection.

People keep saying to me: Well, addiction comes from searching. I have to speak to them again and say: unfortunately not ... the word comes from pine away and is a disease. This is a big change in us to understand and accept in its magnitude, which is a disease.

Anne Wilson Schaef said in one of her workshops that we live in an addiction society and that over 90% of our society is ill with it.

I think she is right.

I would like to encourage you to get support for yourself and to step into the light. Become visible and step out of the shadow world of addiction no matter if you live in the co-dependency of passive addiction or active.

Investment: $100 - 150 Sliding Scale