For Communities

Our social structure has changed over the centuries from a tribal system to primarily a nuclear family. What this means is we have lost the ability to live together and function as a single organism without losing our individuality.

I coach communities so they can learn:

  • To create trust- within the individual and within the group- so that evolution can happen.

  • To find a common goal, making it easier to overcome conflicts.

  • To take on commitments that are not agreed to out of a sense of duty, but arise from joy of service.

  • To develop an understanding and love for a diversity of views.

  • To figure out where each individual fits in the bigger picture of the community and to know what each person needs for themselves.

  • How to invite discussion of attraction and sexuality so that personal issues don’t split up the community.

  • To understand transparency and why it is essential for community.

With tools from Possibility Management, ZEGG Forum, and my three years as a student at Tamera, I can support your community processes, and can also provide coaching for individual community members.

Fees: Dependent on size of group after arrangement.

Individual Coaching

I offer coaching to support you through difficult life phases or transitions.

We can look at:

  • distinguishing between your thoughts and your feelings to gain more clarity so you can know where you stand and where you want to go.

  • getting conscious about unhealthy patterns that are not serving you.

  • what you need to discern what you really want and what is your vision.

  • how to communicate with more consciousness and clarity so that your partner or others in your life will be more likely to receive what you are trying to say.

I specialize in issues around addiction, codependency, community living, sexuality and relationship.

We can meet in person, or "virtually" via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.

Fees: $ 100-150 sliding scale (you determine wich price)

Session time: 60-90 min.

For Couples

What do I really want, and what does my partner want?

What am I trying to say, and what is really coming across?

How can we find a common level of trust where deep understanding can take place?

How can we clear the old hurts and resentments so a new togetherness can emerge?

These are some of the core questions to ask on the path towards a more functional and vital relationship. I will support you in finding answers to these questions by being a neutral observer and helping you see through your disagreements to the communication patterns that have led to conflicts. I will help you find the tools you need to empower yourselves to work through issues more easily as you move forward.

It's not about guilt. It's about trust, mutual understanding and clarity.

Fees: $ 130-180 sliding scale (you both determine wich price)

Session time: 60-90 min.

Addiction Consultation

Addiction Recovery Coaching

You are probably affected by addiction, either because it’s your own issue or it affects a family member or friend. Perhaps its about alcohol, drugs, tobacco, coffee, relationships, sex, work… the list goes on and there are more.

However big or small the addiction is, it is always connected with shame and isolation. For many years I’ve been looking at my own addictive behaviors and finding the courage to expose my defects. Courage is essential when you start recovery because behind every addiction is a kind of hopelessness and a longing for belonging and purpose.

On my own path I found a 12 step program, Alcoholics Anonymous. I believe this is a great program that benefits so many because it invites people to look at themselves on a deeper level and learn to take responsibility. It also creates a kind of intimacy in our energetic body and a way to find consolation with our past.

Addiction causes a lack- an emptiness in us that is really part of the disease. Many people with addiction are really hungry for faith and purpose. And this is really important to understand in the beginning; we have to understand the whole extent of it.

The American feminist and psychotherapist, Anne Wilson Schaef wrote a lot of books about addiction and she said that we are living in an addicted society where more than 90% are afflicted. I believe she’s right.

I offer addiction recovery coaching so that you can step into the light and ask for support; you can become visible, step out of the shadow of your addiction, and go toward life.

Fees: $ 100-150 sliding scale (you determine wich price)

Session time: 60-90 min.