Possibility Lab

Possibility Lab

Completing Expand The Box qualifies you to attend the Possibility Labs. In Possibility Labs you change your relationship to inner blocks by getting deep insights into your true needs and hidden purposes.

Through approaching your essential inspiration and applying practical tools and techniques of Possibility Management, you pave the way for reviving your true vocation, no matter how big your vocation is. Possibility Labs provide a safe space for your ongoing initiation into responsible adulthood and into a purpose-driven life.

Your Benefit

Changes that you can make at the Laboratory include:

  • Becoming more fully alive through conscious power of your feelings
  • Increasing awareness of how you make decisions
  • Being a more authentic oneself
  • Learning effective communication skills
  • Release from toxic shame
  • Greater clarity
  • Centering
  • Greater respect for yourself and others
  • Determining a life vision and skills to follow that vision
  • Skills for sustainable and responsible leadership
  • Creating new possibilities for your life, your work, and your relationships

Dance into Femininity - Women Possibility Lab


In this Possibility Lab we will use the structure of dance as a gateway for your personal feminity process.

Through the structure, through the movement, it is easy to make contact with the feelings and suppressed female parts - and to bring these inner themes and images into the safe space.

It is primarily about the connection to yourself and your feelings. The respective dance form helps you and supports you in the connection - so that you can rediscover, express and invent from there.

We will join the Archetypes of the Orishas - half-goddesses from the cradle of humanity in Africa.

The structure of the Orishas leads you into a certain space. Through this connection and dance form you can leave your familiar and retracted patterns (Boxes) and create new experiences and possibilities for you.

Possibility Labs provide you with a safe space for the process of your initiation into responsible adulthood. There are topics and processes that you can only experience as a woman in the circle of women. Therefore, in addition to the mixed labs, there are also women labs.

"Dance is a way to descend into the deeper, hidden archetypical layers of our being, to initiate healing steps and bring greater awareness to the surface."