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See the power of plants towards our mental health


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Who are we

We are the Mindful Gardeners, a couple of middle-graders with green thumbs! We believe mental health is very important, as it allows us to cope with normal life and enables us longevity. There are many current issues, especially during these times of COVID, and mental health is definitely one of them. Being confined in four walls all day for a year now rubs off on us, and we feel stir-crazy, confined, sad, depressed, etc. If you do, there is hope, and there is help!

This is a place in which you can learn how to cope, especially with plants. We have articles, information on us, our blog, etc.

We reside in East LA, Cali. But, this website can be of good use to all people, no matter where they are.


  • Student Assembly at Griffith: 3.19.21


Video Transcript

Emma: We are the Mindful Gardeners. I'm Emma, and I'm a sixth grader.

Nathalie: I'm Nathalie, and I'm a seventh grader.

Cristal: I'm Cristal, and I'm an eighth grader.

Evelyn: I'm Evelyn, and I'm in sixth grade.

Mariana: I'm Mariana, and I'm a seventh grader.

Sarahi: I'm Sarahi, and I'm an eighth grader

Larissa: I'm Larissa, and I'm a sixth grader.

Ms. M: I'm Ms. Mariano, and I am the social worker at Griffith STEAM.

Ms. A: I'm Ms. Alma, and I'm a community school coordinator through LAEP at Griffith.

Cristal: Our project title is Water Your Plants, Water Your Mind.

Sarahi: We represent Griffith STEAM Magnet Middle School. We are one of the largest comprehensive and high achieving middle schools located in the heart of East Los Angeles, and the only STEAM certified middle school in our community.

Mariana: Our goal is to equip students with the skills needed to thrive in modern global economies in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

Nathalie: We are the Mindful Gardeners, a group of ambitious middle school girls in search of change leadership, addressing conflicts in our school environment and community.

Cristal: More specifically, we are focusing on mental health and how to improve the mental health of many people in our community. Many people have been hit hard, and may be going through many emotions, which can scathe our mental health.

Larissa: Us girls plan on improving this dilemma with our theme "Water You Plants, Water Yourself" [Your Mind], in which we spread the word on how to take care of yourself like how you take care of your plant.

Emma: One of our plans is to create Care Packages, which include a succulent for our winners to take care of, and improve their mental health simultaneously.

Evelyn: Follow all the work we do through our website bit.ly/mindfulgardeners. And remember...

Everyone: Water Your Plants, Water Your Mind!

The Mindful Gardeners -- Est. 2020

Branch of Griffith STEAM Magnet Middle School