"Learning is an ongoing process of newly found intelligence and authentic experiences that creates motivation for the learner to make sense of the world. Be intentional, have confidence, and be authentic with your learners. Supported with practical and available technologies to engage learners to unearth deep levels of understanding, that become useful and applicable in their world, as the student is now able to create and contribute in meaningful and authentic ways." -A. Maierhofer

Amberley Maierhofer, M.A., M.E.T.L

I am a passionate educator with my '06 Bachelors from Univeristy of St. Francis, Joliet, L.  I've spent my career in at schools in the surban city of Joliet teaching grades 1-5, respectively in mulitple districts. In 2023 I will begin my career at a rural district to lead their MTSS as their Reading Specialist using my Masters in Reading and Reading Specialist Certification from Benedictine Univerity, Lisle, IL.  In May '23 I completed my Educational Leadership in Technology from ULM at Monroe, LA.  I have the capacity to navigate the field of educational technology across multiple settings to provide results for desired learning outcomes. My resume in education, career, and other special notes to highlight are  provided here.  It is my desire to inspire thoughtful and reflective conversations centered around life experiences in education and educational research.

I have three amazing daughters with my husband Matt. Together we love to spend time outside , playing sports, working our flower projects, and being with friends & family.   I coach youth sports, mentor and consult in local schools with the PDA of Joliet.

I teach with passion.

I believe we have the ability to impact the hearts, minds, hands, feet, eyes, and voice of all our students. How we choose to impact our students is our choice. -A.M.

I teach with inspration.