How Water Quality Made My Marriage...

SUMMER is finally here friends!!! Summer has always held a special place in my science loving heart and many years ago it was where I met my husband... at Nerd Camp. My husband and I both chose as 14 year-olds to attend the High School Math, Science and Technology Institute at the University of Missouri Kansas City and for four years spent our summers in labs with water quality while our friends were celebrating water at the pool. Little did we know how this theme would flow throughout our entire lives giving life to careers in science education. Macroinvertebrates formed the backbones of our sense wonder and while it was "camp" to others, it kicked up a passion for science that we talk about to this day.

You deserve a rest this summer. You'll notice that this newsletter is content light on purpose and my hope is that you get the opportunity to go outside, refresh and embrace your own sense of wonder. Neither Matt or I do much with water quality these days, but the water hat (pictured right) is one of my favorite phenomena. I love the joy and curiosity in the image. I love the sense of wonder I have every time I look at it. Summer science can be some of the best, if we just know the right places to dive in and when its ok to back float and make shapes in the clouds. It's a cycle friends. Please take care and let me know if I can support you in any way.


Upcoming Professional Development

Collaboration Meetings- PAUSED for Summer!

KSDE Summer Academies

KSDE Summer Teacher Treks

Teacher Treks have evolved from the Family Friendly Phenomena Series from last year. This year we are joining forces with other disciplines to help see how theses great experiences might benefit all our content areas! Join other educators this summer to learn about some of the best sites around our state! Bring your family and enjoy this state-cation as we explore some of the wonders and phenomena this great state has to share. Click the registration button below to learn more.

K-2 SEL Partnership

The mission of The DeBruce Foundation is to expand career pathways. We strategically invest in research, tools and resources to help people discover their strengths and interests. Our goal is to support individuals’ capability to explore and shape their own value in the world of work. To this end, we have developed the “Agilities Framework”.

The Foundation is looking to pilot a K-2 curriculum developed to build career confidence in elementary students. This curriculum integrates the Agilities Framework into classroom pedagogy and instruction. We are looking for teachers who are interested in this pilot. To learn more please plan to attend one of the informational sessions:

June 9th Link: (Link) June 16th Link: (Link)

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting with on Zoom and sharing this framework with you.

Additional Opportunities

From Outside of KSDE

Ag in the Classroom - Stipends Available

Join us this summer for an agriculture professional development opportunity! KFAC will host a professional development workshop for educators July 26-27! From Lab to Classroom is a two-day, in-person workshop focused on helping educators gain the knowledge and tools they will need to implement science research and practices regarding crop improvement and biotechnology into their classrooms.

Sign up now, only 24 spots are available! $800 Educator Stipends are now available for those who attend!


Call for EdReports Reviewers - High School Science

EdReports is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower educators with independent, credible, evidence-rich information about instructional materials to ensure students have what they need to be college and career-ready. They are accepting applications for reviewers for inaugural high school science review beginning in early April 2022.

Who is EdReports looking for? EdReports is a by educator, for educator organization. Currently, classroom educators, district specialists, state specialists, non-formal educators, retired educators, and those pursuing advanced science education degrees participate in reviews. The profile of a science reviewer includes expertise in the Next Generation Science Standards and a commitment to quality instructional materials.

What can I expect if selected to be a reviewer? EdReports plans to review five biology NGSS programs in the inaugural review. If selected, you will sit on a team of five reviewers who will be examining one set of materials with the support of EdReports’ science team. Reviewers can expect the following:

  • New teams will begin with an in-depth training in April

  • Each reviewer spends about 5-10 hours per week throughout the process, including attending a one-hour virtual call with their team

  • A second event may be scheduled approximately halfway through the review to continue calibration and to provide cross-review team support for the inaugural high school reviews

  • Reviews are expected to be completed late 2022

  • Reviewers receive a host of benefits including more than 25 hours of professional development, a stipend per series reviewed ranging from $1,750 - $2,500 depending on the role you play on a review team, opportunities to learn with national experts in the field, and much more.

How do I apply? Visit EdReports’ website to learn more about becoming a reviewer and complete an application or apply now [HERE]. Once you apply, an application task will be sent requesting demonstration of your NGSS knowledge. Following receipt of the application task, EdReports will schedule a 30-minute interview to learn more about you and share more about the upcoming review.

Distance learning - Yellowstone National Park

Teachers, even if you are too far to bring students on a field trip to Yellowstone, we can help you use the world’s first national park to bring science, math, and social studies to life!

Classrooms can connect with a Yellowstone National Park ranger to learn more about geology (geysers, hot springs, volcanoes), ecology (wildlife, predator/prey, fire, habitats, adaptations), or cultural history, and the National Park Service mission of preservation. Your class can learn about careers by interviewing a park ranger or solve a geography challenge to determine where the park ranger works by participating in a “Mystery” meeting. We work with teachers to offer a 20-40 minute live program that meets your needs.

If you have a group of ten or more youth and want to participate, you will need a computer, tablet, or device with webcam, internet connection, and access to a video conference platform.

To schedule a Yellowstone distance learning program, contact us with information about your group and a proposed date and time (converted to MOUNTAIN Time). MOUNTAIN Time is two hours behind Eastern, one hour behind Central, and one hour ahead of Pacific.

Yellowstone rangers have much to share with students around the U.S. and world and look forward to connecting with your class.

Learn more here: (Link)

KACEE Summer Courses

Questions? Contact Ashlyn Kite-Hartwich at 785-889-4384

Click HERE to register and for more details on each eeCourse and eeCredential

National STEM Scholar Program (For Teachers)

The National STEM Scholar Program is Seeking middle school science teachers who:

  • enjoy the creativity in teaching

  • are eager to share ideas with colleagues

  • are excited about networking with peers from across the U.S.

  • would like financial and academic support for great ideas

The National STEM Scholar Program works to inspire the creativity and passion of middle school science teachers, ten of whom will be selected for this prestigious program. The next set of Scholars will be hosted by The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science and The Center for Gifted Studies from May 29 - June 4, 2022 at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Scholars will engage in hands-on, minds-on science activities; connect with speakers and thought leaders in STEM education; learn with skilled science educators; and develop a creative Challenge Project for classroom implementation. Each Scholar will receive a Chromebook and funding for Challenge Project supplies and materials.

National STEM Scholars will share midpoint progress with their colleagues while attending the National Science Teachers Association annual meeting in April 2023. Mentoring will be provided throughout the year by Western Kentucky University faculty.

All expenses, including travel costs, materials, mentoring and Challenge Project supplies will be covered by a grant from the National Stem Cell Foundation.

If you have questions, please call 270-745-6323 or email

Learn more and apply at:

Prophet Aquatic Center in Emporia (ESU)

The Prophet Aquatic Research and Outreach Center (PAROC) is built on the shores of ESU's King Lake. With three laboratories, a large flexible-use outreach classroom and live animal exhibits featuring aquatic species native to our region, this facility allows you to get hands-on research experience at the undergraduate level. In addition, the Neosho River and a variety of outdoor learning spaces can be easily accessed via the Dale Griener Nature Trail that winds through the ESU Campus Woods.

Learn more and apply at:

STEMM Fire - Mentors and Job Shadowing Opportunities

6th-12th Grade Rural Educators

Check out this opportunity for your STEMM classes and students! Add to your STEMM curriculum by bringing a group of STEMM professionals out to your school or class to speak and interact with your students. They will get to listen to a “day in the life” of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Medical professionals, hear about their educational paths, get hands on with objects from those fields and be able to get individualized education/career advice from the speakers. Mentoring & job shadowing opportunities are also available through our group along with other STEMM resources.

This is a completely free resource provided by STEMM FIRE! STEMM FIRE is an organization made up of STEMM professionals from all over Kansas, volunteering their time to support and encourage rural and small town students. Special effort is made to highlight local STEMM job opportunities and encourage students to consider future work in rural areas. Please reach out with any questions or to see how your school or organization can get involved at Learn more at

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