Hulihia, Center for Sustainable Systems.

We believe that a sustainable community is possible.

If the community is provided sustainable modeling rooted in indigenous knowledge, then we will see better-informed decisions throughout Maui that lead us toward a more balanced relationship with the 'āina.

We are hiring UHMC student interns!

Project Researcher

Student Engagement Coordinator

Maui & Lānaʻi Healthcare Assessment

Hulihia just concluded a systems analysis on the Maui and Lānaʻi Healthcare Systems. Based on the findings, Hulihia will provide the members of the state legislature and Maui Health Systems with a clearer understanding of community needs, opportunities to reduce barriers, and how best to sustainably serve the community going forward.

Project findings will be available here on January 31st, 2023.

Why Hulihia?

Our current culture of consumption is negatively impacting the balance of our living systems. While there have been many initiatives on Maui in support of sustainability, progress across the landscape has been limited.

Hulihia is here to help.



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