I run a Tor node named teller, fingerprint E46979A3053D43ADF187463A6E4856C875BC8C89, another named bohr, fingerprint 3E6D5577D6CF9239FB4F3B815B58875849BBCA96, and another named meitner, fingerprint 9AFF136D28CE6C5F8DB4FC35330E6C0541B4FECC. I may or may not run other nodes. In the descriptor for teller you can find a Bitcoin address; any donations sent to this address will be accounted for at the end of this page. Thanks to the beauty of the Bitcoin blockchain, all transactions are there for the world to see!

Running a Tor relay is relatively straightforward if you are familiar with the Unix/Linux command line and have run servers before. The docs from the Tor project (linked above) lay it out step-by-step. If you're running a relay, be careful if you set it up as an "exit node" that you understand the types of abuse you might see, and that your ISP doesn't prohibit this activity.

I also run a site at that allows you to use Bitcoin to tip Tor relay operators. I can't claim credit, the code was written and released by Donncha O'Cearbhaill, who used to run it under the name OnionTip, but that appears to have gone away, so I fired up my own version. I love open source! I do not take any cut of donations, just facilitate the transactions (and if you happen to tip my relays, even better).

Donation Accounting

Address History: