About Tim

I'm Tim Wilde, as you've probably already figured out. I'm a big UNIX geek, networking geek, FreeBSD geek, DNS geek, security geek. Just a geek, really - nothing wrong with that. I've also been known to be quite random and bizarre when I get into the right (wrong?) mood - I like to have fun, though I'm told I've settled down quite a bit from my early 20s and late teens.

I live in Boston, and have lived variously in the Capital Region and Southern Tier of New York, northern California, central Massachussetts, and southern New Hampshire, as well as a stint in England when I was much younger.


In late 1998, I founded DynDNS (known variously as Dynamic DNS Network Services, Dynamic DNS Network Services LLC, Dynamic Network Services Inc., and Dyn, Inc.). With the help of my business partners and our dedicated team, I built DynDNS from a small hobby site run off a modem into a successful business with well over a million customers worldwide, a global network, and a staff of 15. In August 2006, I resigned from DynDNS and sold my ownership stake back to the company. At this time I am no longer in any way affiliated with DynDNS. I continue to believe that DynDNS is an excellent company, and highly recommend their services.

I spent the summer of 2000 working at Lockheed Martin Federal Systems as a software developer under their college student summer jobs program - it was the first year they took students after their freshman year. I had a lot of fun, and got to work on the same project my dad was working on at the time (though I wasn't in a reporting chain with him). The team I worked with was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about big corporate environments.

After my summer at Lockheed, I went to work for my good friend Amy Marr at the Web Development Office at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Amy had picked me up as a workstudy during my first year at WPI, and I managed to convince her to hire me on full-time for the next year as WPI's Web Programmer. I spent about a year and a half at the WDO before I struck out on my own with DynDNS, where I began working full-time in April 2002. The WDO was a lot of fun, and good experience, and I can't thank Amy enough for the ways she helped me grow professionally while I was there.

After DynDNS, I spent almost 6 years working for a small Internet security firm named Team Cymru. They're an awesome group who know a ton about the malicious activity going on online, and that job really exposed me to a ton of really interesting stuff.

Now I hang out at Google. You may have heard of them.