Privacy and Anonymity

I'm a big proponent of privacy and anonymity online. It's really important for people to be able to communicate in a secure fashion, without worrying about governments or anyone else listening in. Without secure communications, oppressive regimes, businesses, and even spouses can significantly impact our freedoms.

For many years I've been a supporter of The Tor Project. The Tor Project develops Tor, a piece of software that allows you to securely route your Internet traffic through multiple hops before it reaches your destination. Each hop includes its own layer of encryption, and knows only the next and previous hop in the chain. With a sufficiently long chain (Tor uses 3 links in the chain by default), you can have a reasonable level of certainty that no one node or entity can compromise your communications. You can read lots more about this on the Tor Project web site, and check out my Tor sub-page for more information about how I help and how you can get involved as well.

I'm also a big fan of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a distributed crypto-currency that operates differently from the traditional banking system. This page would get way too long if I tried to describe it in detail here, so check out the Bitcoin article on Wikipedia, and my Bitcoin sub-page for more information.

Sometimes it's helpful to use cryptography to prove who you are, or that you control certain resources. If you're looking for my cryptographic proofs, you've come to the right place - just one more link away, to the cryptographic proofs section!

If you're interested in getting involved with cryptography and identity proofs, but don't know a lot about PGP, GPG, public and private keys, and the like, is a great place to start. I've got invites if you need them, just hit me up on twitter - you can find my verified Twitter identity on my profile (which you can confirm on my cryptographic proofs page!)!