Where did "krellis" come from?

I am often asked where the "Krellis" name that I use as my online handle came from. Eventually, I will probably forget the story, so I figured I will write it down here, and it can be remembered forever!

Way back when I was living in England, some friends and I played a table-top role playing game (RPG) from Palladium Books called Rifts. I'm amazed at the time of writing to see that they are, in fact, still around, though it looks like they're having trouble and need help. Anyway - as part of playing Rifts, I needed to come up with a character name. Not feeling very creative myself, I went online to the CompuServe RPG forums, and asked around for name suggestions. Someone was just throwing out random names at me, and Krellis was one of them. I liked the sound of it, and took it for my character.

Later, when I was becoming more active online, and needed a nickname for myself for IRC, among other things, it just seemed natural to use Krellis. It's been a long time since I've pulled out any of my Rifts books (though I do still have all of them, along with character sheets, dice, and all that good stuff), but I still use Krellis as my nickname and login name of choice online. To this day, I have no idea who the guy who gave me the suggestion was, or where it came from, but it's given me lots of use over the years!