I seem to have given up on having a real web presence, haven't I? Well, I killed / am killing my last FreeBSD VPS, and it's just not worth running my own web server anymore, so here I am on Google Sites. But now it's the New Sites and it's not nearly as ugly!

Welcome to, Tim Wilde's home on the Internet. I like to have fun, and tend to be somewhat random, to put it politely, so... all views expressed on this site are my personal views and opinions, and in no way related to my employer(s), past, present, or future. Occasionally I wonder if they're even mine... Also note, I'm really really horrible at keeping this site up-to-date; even right now, as I write it, it's out of date, because I'm just stealing it from my own old copy!

I'm a geek of UNIX/Linux, DNS, security, privacy, and basically just about anything on the Internets (on the line?). I've been playing with this stuff since I was 16, when I started (what is now, though I am no longer associated with them). I cut my teeth on FreeBSD and (perhaps obviously) in the DNS business, but in recent years I've been spending more time on Linux and in non-DNS-related worlds.

I worked for a number of years at Team Cymru doing Perl development and systems/software/network engineering work relating to security research, which led me to make a lot of interesting friends and taught me a lot about bad stuff on the Internet. Short version: bad stuff is bad. Be safe. Use Internet Condoms(tm).