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Welcome to the website for the Klein Cain Digital Learning Specialist. I am 100% dedicated to doing whatever I can to help you with any digital learning questions or concerns you have. Here you will find information on ALL kinds of digital learning resources, our upcoming staff training opportunities, our "Cain Connected" (technology newsletter), and T-TESS and technology resources.

If you have any questions, please reach out via email or drop by room #2128 anytime!

If you need help planning a lesson, want a Digital Learning Specialist to visit your PLC, or want to schedule a classroom visit, please use the "Meet with Me" link to schedule a time to meet with me.

Please bookmark this website and come back often... I add ideas and information regularly!

KleinQuest - a repository of amazing teaching and learning ideas, strategies and activities

As a Forever Learner and P2P Investor we want to make sure that what is learned continues to be implemented, expanded and shared with peers throughout the school year. As you begin to implement what you have taken away from your PD sessions, please use the KleinQuest Submission Link to submit artifacts, lessons or anything that can be share with others.