A CTE district support structure for K-12 teachers

In collaboration with the Department of Education Windward District Office, the Windward Academy for Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a skill-based learning program that encompasses progressive education topics designed to prepare students for college and careers. The Windward Academy will serve as a support structure for teachers, providing valuable resources and allowing teachers to collaborate with others within the district. With the guidance from educators, administrators, district support, and community and industry partners, the Academy looks to integrate career and technical education skills into core subjects to make the information more relevant and engaging for students. Teachers, administrators, experts, and industry professionals will have the opportunity to work together to enrich students’ lives by helping expand the program and focusing on relevancy.

CTE Pathways

Connecting community partners and our teachers

Architectural Design & Engineering Technology

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Business Management, Finance, & Marketing

Cultural Arts, Media, & Entertainment

Health Services

Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation

Information Technology & Digital Transformation

Transportation Services

CTE Pathway Focus Areas

Academic Integration

Curriculum Support

Community & Industry Partnerships

Work-Based Learning Experiences

Building relationships

between our community, industry, and teachers

to meet the needs of OUR students