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Mapleview 5th and 6th grade Art Club


5th Grade

6th Grade

Woodland 5th and 6th grade Art Club


5th and 6th Grade

Mapleview and Woodland ART display

(Heart of the Valley YMCA)

Mapleview and Woodland ART display

(Kimberly public library)

Woodland Art Show (2019)

Mapleview Art Show (2018)

Mapleview Holiday Board (2018-2019)

Gracie Creel Macy Cloutier Cara Sauter

Woodland Holiday Board (2018-2019)







Mapleview Yearbook Cover Winner (2017-2018)

Senah Hanes and Kolby Cox

Mapleview yearbook cover winner 2017-2018

Woodland Yearbook Cover Winner (2017-2018)

Madelyn Strebel

Woodland Yearbook cover winners 2017-2018

About our site

This site is dedicated to all the talented artists located at:

Mapleview and Woodland Intermediate Schools.

I will be highlighting what the students are working on in both 5th and 6th grades.

I will be highlighting different student artists throughout the school year.

Mr. Calmes