5th Grade Woodland (2016)

Project #1

5th Grade

Pastel Drawing

The students created a drawing which included shapes, lines, colors and value. The drawing also included many of the things the students enjoy (sports, music, dance...) The 5th grade students used soft pastels to add the color and value to their drawing. The soft pastels needed to be blended with their fingers or Kleenex, and they needed to show value (lights and darks of colors) throughout all drawings.

The Elements of Art we have covered are:

Color, Line, Shape and Value.

Woodland 5th Grade Pastel Drawing ‎(2016)‎

Project #2

5th Grade

Ceramic Container

The 5th grade students created a ceramic container with a theme of their choice: (animal, person, hobby…). The students started with a ball of clay, and then cut their ball of clay in half. After they cut their clay they hallowed out both ends and then slipped then back together. The students could add a spout, handle and cover to their tea pot. The container was fired and then glazed.

The Elements of art we have covered are:

Color, Form, Line, Shape and Texture.

Woodland 5th Grade Clay project ‎(2016)‎

Project #3

5th Grade

Plaster Gauze Sculpture

The students have created a sculpture with their hand and arm made of plaster gauze. The students learned how to plaster their hands and fingers with plaster gauze, and design a sculpture from those hands and fingers. The students also designed the base (made from cardboard) for the sculpture to sit on. This base will create a mood that will bring the fingers and hands to life.

The Elements of art we have covered are:

Color, Value, Form, Line, Shape and Texture.

Woodland 5th Grade Plaster Hands ‎(2016)‎

Project #4

5th Grade

Realistic Watercolor Painting

The students have created a watercolor painting inspired by an image they have chosen. The image they selected had personal meaning to them. The 5th graders will learn how to free draw their picture onto watercolor paper using a few techniques that help them place their image on the paper correctly. The students have learned different watercolor techniques: wet on dry, dry on dry, wet on wet, wash, value scale, crayons, colored pencils, salt, masking tape, sponge and rubber cement. The 5th graders will use these techniques to help them paint a realistic watercolor painting.

The Elements of art we have covered are:

Value, Form, Line, Space and Texture.

Woodland 5th Grade Watercolor ‎(2016)‎