Our fees / Programs / Parent Association Information

*Our fees / Programs / Parent Association Fees

We have 3 programs in the school. They are :

Morning program

Afternoon program and

Full day program

The fees differ according to the program you choose for your child. Kindly find below :

Morning program (8-14:00, 6 hours) 742€ / month

Afternoon program (11-17:00, 6 hours) 842€ / month

Full day program (8-17:00, 9 hours) 942€ / month

KELA supports families with the daycare fees, in most cases the support averagely covers around 60% of the fees.

As of 1st August 2019 - 13th May 2020, children born in 2014 receives an additional support from Helsinki City, reducing the parent's monthly contribution by 160€ a month.

Our kindergarten meets the requirements set for day care centers and you can apply, if eligible, for the KELA’s Private Day Care Allowance. For more information contact your nearest KELA office. Click on the link below to find out more about the Private Day Care Allowance.


*Parent Association information

We are a parent run organisation and we have some procedures we follow.

(Note: The benefit of being a parent run association means, we play a great impact in the organisation’s development and the children’s education, care and support. Parent’s view are highly considered. The board of the Association is led by volunteer dedicated parents whose children are enrolled in the kindergarten.)

There are four phases to registering your child to KIK:

1 Reservation fee and waiting list

2 Term Contract

3 KELA applications (if you are entitled to this benefit)

4 Parents’ Association membership

1 Reservation fee

When the Kindergarten has confirmed a place for your child, reserve it by paying the reservation fee, which is equal to the first month of kindergarten fee.

You can pay the reservation fees at https://holvi.com/shop/KaivopuistoKindergarten/

Families need to also register on our waiting list :

About waiting list for parents https://holvi.com/shop/Parents-Association-KIK/

NOTE : The reservation fee is an advance payment which is deducted from your Term Fees when your child begins at the kindergarten.

The Reservation Payment is non-refundable. If your plans change, and there is a delay in the starting time for your child, the place may only be held upon full payment of the Term’s fees. If you cancel the reservation, the place will be offered to the next family on the waiting list.

2 Term Contract

There are two six-month terms at the kindergarten: Autumn Term (August to January) and Spring Term (February to July). Term Fees are payable monthly. When the contract is signed and the fees have been received by the kindergarten, the child may begin at the school.

(More details can be found in our Term Contract)

3 KELA Application

Most families are eligible for fee subsidies from KELA. Currently KELA pays about 60% of the parent fees for Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten. For exact subsidy and if you are entitled for this support please consult KELA (website: www.kela.fi).

Parents are responsible to apply for the subsidy with WH1 form and immediately inform the kindergarten about the application to ensure Kindergarten can deliver the needed WH2 for the decision making at Kela.

If parents need to apply for the right to receive over 20 hours per week of pre-primary care and subsidy, this information and needed applications are required to deliver to kindergarten.

Parents wishing to apply for this subsidy are welcome to arrange a meeting with the kindergarten coordinator to fill out the online application.

The Parents are responsible for ensuring that KELA is provided with all the family information necessary for the kindergarten to receive the subsidy during the child’s enrollment at the kindergarten.

In some special cases KELA decision can take a few weeks to process. During that time, the parents pay full fee for the kindergarten. Once the KELA subsidy is approved and the kindergarten gets the payment from KELA, it will be deducted from your next fee payment.

Families not entitled to Kela support are responsible to pay full term fee.

KELA application forms are available from www.kela.fi :

in Finnish (see Lapsiperheet, lastenhoidon tuet, form WH1)


In Swedish (see Barnfamiljer, barnvårdstöd, form WH1r)


In English (see Families with children, child care subsidies, forms WH1e and WH2e)


4.Parent Association membership

To be recognised as a member of the parent association , fees apply and association workshop membership fees are to be paid via the link below


Termination of the contract

The Parent must inform the Kindergarten in written form if the child is leaving the program. Without written termination notification the child will be automatically enrolled to the next term and will thereby enter into another subsequent term agreement for the Service. The notice period for leaving the program in the next term is 3 months, i.e. termination notifications are due by April 30th or November 30th.