Clubs and Projects

Music programs are organised with the children on every other week. During these sessions, volunteer parents participate and share their musical passion and talents and expertise with the children.

Swedish programs are also part of our occasional learning activities. We sing the birthday songs in English, Finnish and Swedish. We attend educative programs in places such as, the Swedish theatre and the like. We also observe some Swedish holidays and implement some of their cultural and traditional activities.

Helsinki Taitoliikuntakeskus is a calm indoor gym activity we organise for our children every autumn and in winter. Children are able to participate at this indoor gym where they are able to move around and explore the environment whilst building their motoric skills. We spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes there. Morning program children can be picked up directly from the gym facility according to parent's own wishes. Otherwise, we travel back to the Kindergarten with all the children.

Ice-skating and ski is one of the fun educative project we organise for our older children every winter. We also involve the little children who are able skate or ski. As part of our Montessori guidance, there is no age restriction to learning, therefore we promote children when they are ready to master their skills.

Skate-boarding is another fun educative project run by one of our teachers with the preschoolers. He loves to skate-board and he enjoys teaching the children , having fun with them, along side teaching them techniques to boost their confidence skills and the like.

End of term concert, Santa Lucia celebration, Picnic with families and Pre-school graduation are part of our enriched projects. At the end of every year, children voluntarily observe the Santa Lucia celebration together with the parents. At the end of the spring term towards summer, we also celebrate the summer concert and picnic with all families. Pre-schoolers have their graduation ceremonies during the spring term as well.

Rock-climbing (KiipeilyAreena Salmisaari ) in salmisaari has been added to our activities and this will commence in the fall of 2019. Children who can use this facility must be above 15kg.

(All our clubs, several trips do not cost parents any extra money. The Kindergarten takes care of the payments.)