Application form & CONTRACT PACKAGE


(You can VOLUNTARILY print this and fill before coming to KIK)

(Parent & Staff responsible (kindergarten manager) for the Admission contract goes through this document together and both signs afterwards)

Date of contract discussion :


  1. Non refundable waiting fee of 50e if there is a queue
  2. Non refundable reservation fee.This is an advance NON REFUNDABLE payment which is deducted from your Term Fees when your child begins at the kindergarten.
  3. Term Contract. Autumn Term (August to January) and Spring Term (February to July)
  4. KELA applications (if you are entitled to this benefit)


a.Families not entitled to Kela support are responsible to pay full term fee.

in Finnish (see Lapsiperheet, lastenhoidon tuet, form WH1)

b.In Swedish (see Barnfamiljer, barnvårdstöd, form WH1r)

c.In English (see Families with children, child care subsidies, forms WH1e and WH2e)

5. Parents’ Association membership

The current fee is 100€ (50€ for spring term, 50€ for autumn term). The fee is determined by the parents' association annual meeting.

The membership fee payments are made through the Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten Parents' Association webshop at

Program fees (As of August 2018, children born in 2013 receives an additional support from Helsinki City, reducing the parent's monthly contribution by 133€ a month)

*Morning program (8-14:00, 6 hours) 742€ / month

*Afternoon program (11-17:00, 6 hours) 842€ / month

*Full day program (8-17:00, 9 hours) 942€ / month

Late pick-up fee

Parents will be charged a late pick-up fee of 20 euros after 1400/1700 depending on your child's pick-up time. Additionally, any pick-up after 1430/1730 will result in a total fee of 40 euros. As with all fees, this fee is per child.

Failure to notify absence fee

Kindergarten aims to operate as efficiently and reduce all food waste. In order to optimize staffing and prepared food, parents are required to notify kindergarten if child absent. Failure to notify is subject to daily 20 EUR unnotified absence fee per child.

Payment schedule

All fees are invoiced on a monthly basis 14 days payment terms.

Please note that if the invoice have not been paid within 30 days of the due date, it will be moved to kindergarten’s collection agency partner.


Child’s full name ___________________________________________

Child’s social security ___________________________________________


Child’s Home Address ___________________________________________



Starting date ___________________________________________

Program Morning (742e) Afternoon(842e) Full day(942e)

Full name of Parent ___________________________________________

Social security number ___________________________________________

Phone numbers ___________________________________________

(work / home / mobile )

Email ___________________________________________

Is a legal guardian: yes / no

Full name of Parent ___________________________________________

Social security number ___________________________________________

Phone numbers ___________________________________________

(work / home / mobile )

Email ___________________________________________

Is a legal guardian: yes / no

Primary Contact in Emergencies


Secondary Contacts in Emergencies





Vaccinations / Immunisations

❏ I confirm the child is vaccinated according to the Finnish vaccination program

Medical Conditions & Allergies / Additional information (needs, etc)






We, legal guardians of the Child, give permission for the Child to be transported by public transport or car during school time.

ID photo

We, legal guardians of the Child, give permission for the Child to be photographed for identification as stated in the KIK Safety Plan.

Photo & video sharing

Will you allow Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten to take photos of your child for our private facebook profile only visible and limited to to the families and employees in the Kindergarten?

❏ Yes No ❏

The family is liable to inform the kindergarten immediately if any of the information provided in this document changes. The information is reviewed and updated twice annually during the parental conferences.

Date ____ . ____ . __________

Legal guardians signatures:

_____________________________ _____________________________

_____________________________ _____________________________

Name in CAPITAL letters Name in CAPITAL letters

Representative of KIK (Kindergarten Manager)



Name in CAPITAL letters

UPDATES TO CONTACT, MEDICAL AND PERMISSIONS INFO (Checked from families every 3 months in a given general parent - info - announcement)

Please sign below to confirm all information is up to date.

Date ____ . ____ . __________ _____________________________

Guardian’s signature

Date ____ . ____ . __________ _____________________________

Guardian’s signature

Date ____ . ____ . __________ _____________________________

Guardian’s signature

Date ____ . ____ . __________ _____________________________

Guardian’s signature

Date ____ . ____ . __________ _____________________________

Guardian’s signature

Date ____ . ____ . __________ _____________________________

Guardian’s signature


Agreement – Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten and Guardians of the Child


  1. The Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten Oy, Business ID 2603391-9, a private Finnish company (fully owned and controlled by Parents’ Association of Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten r.y.), registered in Helsinki (hereafter ”Kindergarten”)

  1. ______________________________________________ (hereafter ”Parent”)

______________________________________________ (hereafter ”Parent”)

Purpose of the Agreement

To enroll the following child into Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten for the duration of one school term and to agree on the terms and conditions to be applied to any additional school terms:

Full name of child ___________________________________ (hereafter ”Child”)

Date of birth/ Social Security No _________________________________________

Service Information for parents

The Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten Oy provides services to the members of Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten Parents’ Association. Parent enrolling their child in the program must be members of the Parents’ Association.

NOTE : The Kindergarten does not have a sleeping time for younger children.

Fees include all food costs. The Kindergarten provides freshly prepared, mostly organic vegetarian or seafood lunch and afternoon snack for the children each day. Fees include all transportation costs for school trips and additional material or activity costs, when those are not provided by the KIK Parents’ Association.

The Kindergarten’s holiday schedule is confirmed each spring by the board.

Annually kindergarten is closed

- During four staff planning days

- For summer break for 4 weeks in July

- For Christmas and New Year break according to city of Helsinki’s school year schedule


The Autumn Term runs from August 1st to December 31st.

The Spring Term from January 1st to July 31st.

Board confirms the term and other fees annually based on Kela and preschool subsidies and overall operational costs.

Parents are responsible to cancel their subsidy payments upon termination of the care contract.

Payment Schedule

By signing this agreement, the Parent enrols the child and undertakes to pay the service fees for the full term or the remaining term (if enrolled in the middle of the term).

Fees are paid on a monthly basis. Service fees are non-refundable except in overbooking.

Failure to pay the program fees within 30 days of a due date can cause a termination of contract.

Please note: preschool children are enrolled for the full spring term (until end of July).

Notifications of absence

Parents are required to notify kindergarten of absence as follows:

- Short 1 - 3 day absence latest on the morning of absence by 9.30 am

- Longer absence period 5 days prior to the beginning of absence

Failure to notify of absence is subject to extra service fee.

Termination of the contract

The Parent must inform the Kindergarten in written form if the child is leaving the program. Without written termination notification the child will be automatically enrolled to the next term and will thereby enter into another subsequent term agreement for the Service. The notice period for leaving the program in the next term is 3 months, i.e. termination notifications are due by April 30th or November 30th.

Term fees (including Kela fees) are non-refundable if the kindergarten has not received the notice in time.

The Kindergarten is entitled to give a notice in breach of these terms. Notice period is seven calendar days.

The Kindergarten reserves a right to terminate the contract if a child has special needs that kindergarten can not support with the existing staff and their competences. Before terminating the contract Kindergarten will consult the parents, city of Helsinki early childhood education professionals to determine the exact needs the child has.

Entry into force

This Agreement becomes effective when both parties have signed it. The Agreement remains effective until the child leaves for school or either the Parent or the Kindergarten terminates the contract according to the terms listed above.


The Kindergarten shall supervise the Child to the best of its ability and as required by law. The Kindergarten has not insured the Child for accidents. Parents are responsible for any accident insurance they find necessary. In the event the Child is in an accident during school hours, the Kindergarten will ensure the Child receives appropriate medical attention and will inform a parent at once.

All children attending kindergarten are required to be vaccinated according to FInnish vaccination program.

The Kindergarten is not liable for any damage the Child may cause to property of others. The Kindergarten is not liable for damage to the Child’s property or disappearance of said property. Parents are politely requested to keep this in mind when equipping the Child to School.

The Kindergarten will deliver the Child to a guardian or to a person authorised by a guardian. Authorisation can be done by calling, text message from a guardian’s provided phone number.

All parents agree to follow the rules and conditions of the kindergarten.

Terms and conditions

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be applied to any and all subsequent terms. The Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten undertakes to offer the service according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This agreement is governed by laws of Finland.

In ___________________, on _____ day of _________________, 201_____

Signed by Kindergarten Manager Signed by Parent

___________________________ ___________________________

___________________________ ___________________________

Representative of The Kaivopuisto Name in CAPITAL LETTERS

International Kindergarten Oy


Guidelines for supervision while dropping off and picking up your child

For the safety and peaceful working environment of everyone at the kindergarten we ask you to take the following steps when bringing your child to and from the school or park:

Upon arrival to the kindergarten or park:

● Please keep your time at the kindergarten to a minimum to ensure a smooth transition for you, your child, the rest of the group and the teaching team.

● Make sure a staff member has noticed your arrival. We try to greet all of the children at the dressing area when they come in, but in case we are busy helping the other children, we might not notice.

Pick up –time:

● Please be ready to give full attention to your child. He/she has been waiting all day to see you

● Monitor younger AND older siblings so as not to disturb the kindergarten activities.

● Make the transition home promptly.

● Make sure your child doesn’t interact with the children still present once you have left the park. We understand parents wanting to socialise but keep a large enough distance from the park or the group, as not to disturb the staff and children in doing their work.

Please take into consideration that this is a residential building and try to keep your child quiet in the hallway. Closely supervise your child around the doors of the building and never let any children out without their parents. Remember that it is a busy road outside the kindergarten and that proper traffic safety should be practiced. Staff can only monitor and be responsible for children within the school premises.

The latest pick-up time for the morning group is 14.00, from the park. The latest pick-up time for the afternoon and full time group is 17.00 when the school closes.

If you would like to discuss any pressing issues, please arrange a meeting with a member of staff via text message or on Whatsapp ☺

Lunch time

Lunchtime is from 11-11.30. If your child is going to have lunch please arrive before 11.15, this way your child has enough time to eat and the rest of the group does not have to wait too long before leaving for the park.

Late pick up

In case you will be arriving late to pick up your child, please notify the teaching team as soon as possible.

Parents will be charged a late pick-up fee of 20 euros for arriving after 14.00/17.00. Additionally, any pick-up after 14.30/17.30 will result in a total fee of 40 euros. As with all fees, this fee is per child.

Alternative pick-up plans

If your child is going to be picked up by somebody else please ensure that the teaching team knows before the transition, and understand that we cannot allow a child to leave without notification.

Notifying for absence

We kindly ask you to always notify the teaching team if your child will not be attending school at any time. Please let the the staff know about any planned absences, like a holiday, as soon as you know about it. Unplanned or sudden absences, for example the child’s illness or just a day off, needs to be notified via text message or WhatsApp. If you are not sure how many days your child will be absent, please make sure to give notice on daily basis. This will help the teaching team with planning the day’s activities and prevent food waste.

Failure to notify is subject to daily 20 EUR un-notified absence fee per child.

In case of illness

Infections can easily spread between children and kids may become sicker if overexerted, it's generally a good idea to exercise caution when deciding whether to keep your child home. Children's temperatures are normally lowest when they first wake up. If your child has an elevated temperature first thing in the morning, it may rise throughout the day. If you're not sure, encourage your child to rest and then take her temperature again an hour later to see if it has gone up or down.

Check your child's other symptoms to determine whether or not to keep her home from school. A child with a stuffy nose or a cough, or who is vomiting, may have an illness that will get worse with strenuous exertion. It might be best to stay home if they exhibit these symptoms or if their lymph nodes are swollen.

In general, even a low-grade fever indicates a contagious infection. Illnesses are the most contagious in the first two or three days. If your child has just gotten sick, we advise you to keep him/her home. After illness, there should be one fever-less day before coming back to the kindergarten.

Marking your belongings

Please clearly mark your child’s name on all of his/her things (all clothes, shoes, toys etc.) There are hundreds of pieces of clothing being handled every day, and the kids are not always very good at recognising which ones are theirs.

We advise not to bring to school anything too expensive or sentimental, as we do not take responsibility for lost or damaged belongings.