During the Classroom sessions, the children may choose any of the Montessori educational activities from the shelves. In addition, there are always opportunities for the children to participate in group guided activities.

As young children develop their mastery of the simple tasks, they begin to show interest in the more challenging classroom activities. The teachers are available to all the children for assistance. When the child initiates the learning task, the teacher is presented with the optimal opportunity for teaching early education concepts to the child. Freedom of choice is central to all tasks undertaken by children at the kindergarten.

Language development is supported by regular focus activities such as crafts, baking projects, singing on a daily basis, games, group guided activities, role play and drama, free play, teacher storytelling and many more.

Several field trips :This year (January - June 2019) we embarked on several trips to educative places, such as, the Fire station and museum, Children’s town, Horse riding trip to keskustali, Botanical gardens, Linnämäki, News paper museum, Seurasaari, Heureka, Several outdoor parks, and many more. Parents in KIK, plays a huge impact with the kindergarten's activities and they have been volunteering with the staff in many of our trips.

Children's birthdays are celebrated with a special circle time dedicated to the child. A simple Birthday Party celebration can be arranged between the parents and the kindergarten on the afternoon of the child's birthday.

Three large social gatherings are held for the entire kindergarten community each year. In August we have an early evening picnic in Kaivopuisto to welcome everyone back from their summer holidays and to introduce the new families to the kindergarten. In December we have our Christmas Gathering and end of year Concert display from the children at Neitsytpolku and to celebrate the winter time. In June we have our Summer Celebration , Summer Concert and end of term Picnic before the Juhannus weekend. For these gatherings, family friends and extended family members are most welcome to join us.

Cheese and Wine Evening is an informal meeting for parents to openly discuss anything related to the kindergarten. Meetings are scheduled once every two months, from 18.00 to 20.00, during the school year. The meetings help to keep the parents in touch with the direction of the kindergarten program, and provides the parents with the opportunity to add their own suggestions towards the Kindergarten's development.

Parent Teacher Conferences are held twice a year. A 30 minute conference for each child is scheduled for November and April.

Closing dates / Holidays :

We are closed during one week in February (The Finnish Ski Week), the month of July and on national holidays as well as the time between Christmas and New Years. However, depending on the majority demands and requests from parents, we sometimes operate during the Finnish Ski Week.