AP English 12

Documented Essay Resources

Video Lesson - How to find information for your Documented essay, using the Resources listed to the right.

The library website looks different, but the process is the same. Use the PATHFINDERS link.

Documented Essay AP 12.mp4

Sources for Literary Criticism/Historical Context

Citation Help - MLA has changed (and EasyBib hasn't figured it all out yet)!

MLA 8 Citation Examples and Guidelines


AP Poet Casebook

Video Lesson - (The library webpage has changed since this video was made.)

Resource #1 - Poetry for Students

Poetry for Students - Excellent resource for criticism, themes, style, historical context, & more. Use this index to locate the volume you need. Photocopies are free!

Resource #2 - GALE Literary Sources Database


Use filters (Document Type - Critical Essay) (Name of Work) to narrow your search. Also try Advanced Search > Person Search

Resource #3 - Library Books of Compiled Critical Essays.

Step 1: Search the library catalog for the name of your author.

Step 2: Find books with a call number in the 800s.

  • Ex: 821.912 Tho