• 7:15 -3 :05


  • Mrs. Jonson - Teacher-Librarian
  • Mrs. Clark - Library Assistant
  • Mrs. Marrs - Library Assistant

The RVHS Library is a busy hub for student learning, reading, research, class resources, technology and activity. Ms. Jonson collaborates and co-teaches with teachers to equip students with digital research and literacy skills and to infuse technology skills into the curriculum with a variety of software and web apps.

The RVHS library has been recognized by the Colorado Department of Education as Highly Effective School Library Program - Exemplary Performance

Library Services

  • Mrs. Jonson is available to help students with research, projects, and technology questions.
  • A variety of items are available for student use including books, ebooks, calculators, audio books, Chromebooks, microphones, textbooks, magazines, e-readers, & more.
  • The library has free charging stations for phones, calculators, & other mobile devices along with numerous USB and electrical outlets for student use.
  • The library also sells various school supplies, offers copying/lamination services, and provides are variety of free supplies to use for school projects (colored pencils, glue, scissors...).

Checking Out Items

Students can check out items by providing their name/ID number, and may check out up to 10 items at a time. Most can be kept for 2 weeks with a 3-day grace period. A few items only check out for 1 block. Students can view their checkouts and renew items online. (Patron ID = student ID number; PIN - last 4 digits of student ID number)

Items may be renewed up to 3 times as long as no one else has the item reserved.


We usually don't charge late fees for books or items needed for school projects. Some high-demand items like cell phone chargers, calculators and Chromebooks check out only for 1 block and late fees ranging from $2-$5/day are applied until the items are returned (capped at $15).

Students who return items in damaged condition will receive fines to repair/replace the items, and lost items are billed at the replacement cost of the item.

Students with fees and/or VERY overdue books will not be able to checkout Chromebooks or phone chargers until the item(s) are returned and any necessary fines are cleared. The library has desktop computers and phone charging stations that can be used by all students, even if they have fines.


Food is not allowed on any carpeted areas in the school, and the library has carpet ... so all food should be kept in the Commons and Cafeteria areas. Drinks with secure lids are allowed in the library.

Computers are for educational use & due to bandwidth limits, playing Internet games or downloading is not permitted. Cell phones are a-ok, but they should be silenced while in the library. Students are welcome to listen to mp3 players (with headphones) while studying or working independently in the library as long as the music can't be heard by others.