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Gracie Conner - Guard Staff

Jefferson Dragon Regiment & Jefferson WinterGuard

Please welcome our newest staff member, Charity Conner but everyone calls her Gracie! She is a graduate of George Walton Academy in Monroe, GA where she spent six years in their fall program as a member of the colorguard. Her final two seasons, she was a guard captain as well. She is currently at the University of Georgia seeking a degree in Dietetics with an emphasis in Sports Wellness. Gracie marched with The Edge Independent in 2015 (Gold Medal), Paramount A in 2016 (Gold Medal), Paramount Open in 2017 (Gold Medal), and finally Paramount World in 2018 (Gold Medal - WORLD CHAMPION). She was also member of the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band Colorguard in 2016. She is also currently on the University of Georgia Flagline. She has also previously worked with Chamblee High School and Screven County High School and is VERY excited about the opportunity to work with the Jefferson High School Band program!