Honor Band

Jefferson Middle School Honor Band

This group was started by Mr. Pace in 2012 and has only strengthened both in numbers and in ability as it has aged. This group allows the students from the JMS Symphonic Band to be challenged by music that is considered on the difficult side of middle school band, typically on the Georgia Music Educators Association grade 3 or 4 list. The group meets on Tuesday/Thursday mornings

at 7:20AM to rehearse music for at least 5-6 concerts each year. Students in this group typically

represent the most dedicated at Jefferson Middle School, representing the school in various district and state honor bands. The size and the caliber of the young musicians allows the group to put on smaller, impromptu performances for audiences.

Several students perform in all three groups in the same year, allowing a students to see up to at least 36 different pieces of music for concert performance in one year, as well as a multitude of pieces to read through and not necessarily perform. Mr. Pace could not be more proud of his students at Jefferson Middle School and their dedication to the program through their participation in one, two, or all three of these groups.