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Welcome to our Prevention & Safety Website - Resources for Parents & Families!

ISD 728's Prevention & Safety group promotes several initiatives that positively impact our school environment, as well as creating and maintaining safety measures to protect all students and staff. We champion our district priorities relating to Social Emotional Learning (providing important job preparedness skills), Mental Health, Restorative Practices, Mindfulness, Safety Initiatives and more. Please tap into this site to find resources relating to all of these initiatives. See below for a detailed list of department initiatives. Make sure to click on the sidebar arrows for additional pages and information!

ISD 728 Mission

Our mission is to educate, empower and inspire our diverse learners, to shape their future, to accomplish their dreams and to contribute positively to our local and global communities.

Our 7 Core Values

  1. All people have value.

  2. Valuing and respecting differences strengthens the individual and the community.

  3. People thrive when they feel connected, supported and affirmed.

  4. Everyone can learn.

  5. Hope inspires and empowers.

  6. Lifelong learning is essential for personal growth.

  7. Change is an opportunity for growth.

Upcoming: Parent Ed Series

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Stop Bullying -

Victoria Powell, Sherburne County Assistant County AttorneyWednesday, October 27, 2021, 3-4 pm via Zoom link in flyer


People thrive when they feel connected, supported, affirmed and safe in their surroundings.


The 3 Rs:





Every student should have access to mental health supports and services.

Prevention & Safety Key Initiatives

Social and Emotional Learning

  • Building job readiness skills

  • Professional Development

  • Restorative Practices

  • Mindfulness

  • PBIS

  • Behavior Interventions

  • Coordination with Community Leaders on Resilience

  • SEL as job readiness

  • SEL as bully prevention

  • SEL as suicide prevention

Mental Health Initiatives

  • Counselors

  • Social Workers

  • Psychologists

  • Co-Located Providers

  • Professional Development

  • School Health Advisory Committee

  • Restorative Practices

  • ACES and Trauma Informed Practices

  • Thrive Mental Health Sub-Committee

  • DBT and Grief Groups

  • Flight Teams

Safety and Prevention

  • ALICE Training

  • Substance Abuse Initiatives (Vaping, Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco)

  • School Resource Officers

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Bullying Prevention

  • Safe Schools Committee

  • Violence Prevention

  • Safe and Welcoming Schools for all Students

  • Reunification Procedures

  • Crisis Management

  • School Security Systems and Procedures

  • Threat Assessments

  • Safe Routes to Schools