Center for
Education &
Technology for Education

Education institutions and policymakers around the globe have begun to embrace immersive teaching-learning technologies that will enable most students to attain optimal educational achievement levels. The Education Technology vertical of IIT Jodhpur was set up under the Centre for Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development (CETSD) in 2021 to work towards research and delivery, services and training, and social outreach in the area of education technology and educational innovation. In October 2022, the vertical has been merged into the newly formed Centre for Education & Technology for Education (CETE)

The scope of the this Center includes

The Center has started its PhD program from July 2023.

Research in emerging areas of education technology and pedagogical innovation

Translational development of education technology, Online Courses, workshops and training workshops

Volunteering and social contributions towards grassroots problems in education

In view of IIT Jodhpur’s continuous efforts towards improving learning experience, teaching innovations, and use of technological tools for enhancing the teaching-learning process, education technology may be viewed as an educational support system for all academic units, strengthening and augmenting their academic activities. Expansion of academic activities and making it available to the students across the globe would be a welcome step towards democratizing education and would open a vista of opportunities. 

The Activity Roadmap includes three major activities that the EdTech vertical has been working on: