The project aims to establish a successful partnership among a diversity of schools and regions. The partner schools have come together in an attempt to improve our education aiming to give students the possibility to increase their skills and competences needed in real life. We aim to improve our education by developing practical lessons, adding these lessons to our curricula, by providing extra-curricular activities, which challenges the students to use and enlarge their social and general skills and competences, which cannot be learned by following theoretical lessons.

We start from the idea that the successful student, and therefore the successful future adult, should be confident, independent and creative, as well as personal and social capable to participate as an European citizen in our society, with intercultural understanding.

Students will enjoy the practical lessons and the extra-curricular activities in this 'do it yourself movement' and experience they expand their competences and skills. Choosing our priorities aim the following profits:

  • Self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • Social skills development.
  • Interest in other countries and their cultures.
  • Motivation for learning.
  • Knowledge of lifestyle and education in partner countries.
  • English language skills development.

Improving the quality of teaching methods and materials are a way to reach that goal. Teachers will work together to develop and exchange the lessons and activities. This project enables to exchange good practices among the different schools in Europe. Although students are the main target group of our project, the participating teachers will experience a new dimension of their profession. The impact for teachers will be among other things:

  • Experience of different teaching methods.
  • Experience of new subjects/knowledge.
  • Knowledge and understanding of partner countries’ educational system (content and assessment).
  • Creation of strong bonds with partner country teachers.
  • Motivation to work in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Motivation for the job.