IB at ICSAtlanta

ICSAtlanta Mission Statement

We strive to prepare students for a successful future by promoting academic excellence through rigorous instruction that includes multilingualism, cultural awareness, respect, and tolerance for others. We utilize both dual-language and cultural immersion to nurture student curiosity into compassion for others and a commitment to improve our world. Furthermore, we employ student-centered teaching to create actively engaged, lifelong learners. 

Why IB education is important video.mp4

How IB develops global learners

Watch this short video to see how key concepts and international mindedness are developed from early learning in the Primary Years Program (PYP) through the Middles Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP-11th and 12 grade).

key elements of ib learning

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The Learner Profile is essential to every IB student's inquiry journey. These 10 traits are supported and developed in the PYP and MYP programs.

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Service is important for IB learners, as it helps students expand their learning and understanding outside of the classroom. We specifically explore action in 5th grade with the Exhibition and in 8th grade with the Community Project.

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The Inquiry Cycle is integral to teaching and learning during all parts of the IB program. Teacher work to inspire inquiry and encourage students to seek their own answers to questions that arise during units; then evaluate those answers and take action in their own life.

Teachers and students focus on thinking, research, communication, self-management and social skills and they develop life-long learning.

Student lead a reflective conference with their families each spring. Students get to celebrate their strengths and think about way to further develop more challenging areas of school life.