Retreat Overview

We are all being bombarded by news, information, and our roller-coaster-like emotions.

Are you looking for peace within? Are you looking to recharge yourself? Are you wanting to calm down a monkey mind? This one-day retreat is for YOU!

It is a wonderful opportunity to cultivate yourself within, meet others who are also practicing, and prepare to attend the Sangha Day Celebration the following day, July 18, with a calm, renewed, and purified mind.

This retreat is for anyone who wants to learn about cultivation and wants a day of silent retreat to yourself. In this retreat, you will learn about how to cultivate in your daily life, and really get a chance to practice together through meditation and chanting as a group. This retreat will involve both self-cultivation and group cultivation. Please read below for more information.

Date: Saturday, July 17, 2021

Time: Please see Schedule

Fee: Open Donation via Paypal