Vineland High School Marching Clan

As of 9/8/20 - The calendar has been updated. In addition I will be posting a weekly schedule here.

Band members, continue to practice all of the folio music we have gone through so far.

Weekly Schedule 11/23/2020

Saturday - 11/28/2020 - Truck Crew - 7:30am VHS South

Report to Gittone Stadium not VHS South - 8:30am

Pickup at Gittone 1:00pm

Unload after the game

No Christmas Parade.

Usual uniform for Game. Please bring your playing masks and bell covers. Please bring raincoats. There are no buses this week. Only seniors will get 2 tickets to the game.

Woodwind/Brass Musicians:

  • Make sure you have access to the Google Drive, parts for the first Queen song are posted

  • NEW - > Parts for Queen Opener Posted

  • Also, make sure you have the following with you at rehearsal, all available in the Google Drive folder:

    • Scale sheet

    • Marching Band Warmups

    • Bach Chorale Warmup

    • Folio Music

      • Vine/March-On

      • Alma Mater

      • SSB

      • The Hey Song

      • Rocky - Gonna Fly Now

      • Rock Shorties - 1-8

      • Can't Stop the Feeling

      • Party Rock

      • More songs coming...

  • Please complete the Medical History Form and return signed at the first rehearsal

    • This form needs to only be turned in once per student

  • VHS Band Phase 1 Protocols

    • Please click above for our current protocols for rehearsals.

    • These are subject to change/revision based on school/district administration and/or government guidance.

      • Check-in/temperature check/COVID screening begins 15 minutes prior to rehearsal

Marching Basics

Rookies, please watch and practice the video below for an introduction to marching basics (the fundamentals of marching)

Veterans/Returning Members, please check it out and practice for a refresher and to make sure you remember the details of each command and technique

Marching Basics.mp4

2020-21 Marching Band Officers:

DRUM MAJOR - Adriana Rodriguez





QUARTERMASTERS - Morgan Acosta and Raymond Hunter

SECRETARY - Justin Roig

***2020-21 Marching Band/colorguard members, please Click on the two buttons below:

Tradition is an important word to the members and alumni of the Vineland High School Marching Clan. Since 1931, the marching band at VHS has been entertaining audiences at home and throughout the eastern coast of the U.S. Each year, the new members of the band become proud holders of the tradition - a tradition of excellence, a tradition of unity, a tradition of pride.