Below are links to active Donor's Choose projects to support our music program/classes. Please click on the link and consider donating and/or sharing with others. Feel free to pass the link along - any support is greatly appreciated!!

More Projects coming soon...

Completed Projects!!

  • Lyre, Lyre - Band on Fire

    • Lyres, batteries, and other needed accessories for rehearsals and performances

  • Just Keep Strumming, Just Keep Strumming

    • Two new acoustic guitars to be used with Studio Guitar 1 and Studio Guitar 2 classes.

  • Begone Ye Dull Heads

    • New drum heads for our marching tenor drums and snare stick bag holders

  • Time for Some Shiny Stuff

    • Repair supplies, brass mouthpieces, etc.

  • Stand up for Music

  • A six pack of Manhasset music stands