Calendar/Google Drive

Please click above for access to our Google Drive folder for the 2022-23 season. If you do not have access, make sure to request it from your account. Non-school accounts will not be accepted for access.

Need to sync your Google calendar with an iPhone??

  • First, click the + Google Calendar button on the bottom right of the calendar above

  • Go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts > Add Account (if your Google account is not already on there)

  • Click on Google and sign in to your account (whichever one you synced the calendar to)

    • Make sure the switch is turned on for "calendars"

  • Go to

    • Check the box next the VHS Marching Band and save changes

  • Go to the iOS calendar app, click on calendars and make sure the calendar is checked there as well

  • It should be synced up now (give it a few minutes to load events initially)

    • Any changes we make to the schedule will automatically show up on your calendar