What began in 1931 as a subgroup of the Engineers' Club, the Marching Band at Vineland High School has seen many changes.  In 1932, the band wore Varsity Jackets and beanies for uniforms.  In 1936 came Professor Enrico Serra and the first official band uniform with a flashy cape.  The 1940s began the tradition of "snake dances" throughout the city with new red, gray, and gold uniforms.  In 1943, the All-girl Drum and Bugle Corps was introduced.  This ensemble was disbanded when a fire destroyed all of their equipment.  

        The next several decades are a little sketchy (please feel free to fill us in on the gaps).  In the 1970's John Parks became the Band Director. During his tenure, the size of everything grew in Vineland.  Graduating classes around 1000, and a band that numbered around 200 were typical.  So were weekend competitions and spring trips that took the band throughout the east coast.  While the numbers decreased, the tradition did not.  In 1988, William McDevitt was hired as the new Band Director. He maintained the traditions that began 85 years ago and lead the band until the end of the 2018 school year.  Next, the band was under the direction of Eileen Bosco, a VHS alum until 2022. Currently, another VHS alum, Justin Feliciano has the honor of serving as its current director.