Vineland High School Marching Clan

rehearsal UPDATES

Band Camp begins Monday, August 5th at 8:00!

  • Bring LOTS of water
  • Eat before you come and pack a lunch
  • Get a good night's rest
  • Sunscreen is a must!
  • Sneakers/band shoes and socks
  • Music/equipment/etc. Make sure everything is in great working order.

Please check the Google Calendar if you have any questions as to the schedule for the summer.

Dates for the Summer and Fall are posted on our Google Calendar, please link it with your calendar so they stay updated as the season progresses.

Brass and Woodwinds - please make sure you have a tuner and metronome app on your phones. There are plenty of free ones available. A couple we recommend:

    • Tuner - Bandmate Chromatic Tuner or insTuner (Free version is available)
    • Metronome - Pro Metronome or Tempo

2019 Marching Band Officers:

DRUM MAJOR - James Virtucio

BAND CAPTAIN - Anthony Jimenez



QUARTERMASTERS - Jodi Cruz, Harpreet Kaur

SENIOR SECRETARY - Alexandra Brodzick

SECRETARY - Raymond Hunter

2019-2020 Band-Aides Executive Board:

PRESIDENT - Mirna Ramos

VICE-PRESIDENT - Angela Metzger

TREASURER - Michele Peacock

SECRETARY - Denise Cantoni

PUBLICITY - Carrie Ellis and Lydia Cruz


Tradition is an important word to the members and alumni of the Vineland High School Marching Clan. Since 1931, the marching band at VHS has been entertaining audiences at home and throughout the eastern coast of the U.S. Each year, the new members of the band become proud holders of the tradition - a tradition of excellence, a tradition of unity, a tradition of pride.