Our Electives programme is an exciting new initiative, which allows children to try new things and work alongside teachers and other children with similar passions and interests. We have three rounds of Electives each year, each round lasting approximately 10 weeks. The children enter an Elective which interests them, and they then become involved in an exciting project-based learning opportunity with other like minded children. Electives days last all day on Fridays, after assembly. Mathematics, Reading and Writing components are incorporated into the day and are made relevant to the project.

The philosophy behind the Electives programme is that the children should be collectively driving the direction of the learning, thereby increasing their ownership of projects undertaken. Teachers become facilitators rather than simply presenting a pre-planned programme to children. Our teachers have received professional development in the areas of student-based learning and STEM technology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and they will be incorporating the theories behind this learning into the Electives programmes. One of the core philosophies of Hilltop School has always been for children to find their talents and passions early in life, and the Electives programme provides an excellent platform for this to become a reality.

Electives and Ignite Programme Hilltop School