Senior leaders Tuakana


In Year 8 there is an opportunity to become a Student Leader of Hilltop School. Each year a number of Year 8 children will be appointed as Student Leader. These children are role models, the face of the school. They will have a range of responsibilities. They meet with the Deputy Principal each week to discuss how the school is going, concerns they have and suggestions about how to improve the running of our school.


  • Organise a whole school event every term (e.g. craft days, house sports, wheels days)
  • Organise and run Friday School Assemblies
  • Help to monitor the school ‘tone’
  • Meet with Deputy Principal once a week and Principal as needed
  • Community event representatives
  • Role model: promoting learning to other students
  • Be involved in extra-curricular groups, within school
  • Welcome visitors
  • Involvement with house captains: peer tutoring, mentor and coach
  • Attend leadership workshops
  • Contribute to annual planning
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