Emergency procedures Ohotata


The following procedures are to be observed in the case of an emergency.

Fire evacuation:

    1. There must be no panic, therefore any move from rooms and buildings must be controlled. Pupils must not run.
    2. Pupils must know where to go when they leave the classroom. This is to be practised on a class and school basis once each term.
    3. The teacher should see that all windows and doors are closed where practical.
    4. Teachers must take their emergency rolls with them. The class roll is to be checked as soon as the assembly area is reached. Notify Senior Management warden standing in the middle of the field when all pupils are accounted for. Emergency class list to be located by each classroom’s usual exit.
    5. Staff to check toilets closest to their classrooms.
    6. Children away from their classrooms in an emergency should link with another class proceeding to assembly area, then join their own class.
    7. Signal – continuous ringing of hand or electric bell, until practise or emergency evacuation is over.
    8. Real fire alarm is a whooping sound and continuous.
    9. Assembly area is on the field by the new playground.
  • All staff please study your class’s route for evacuation

In the event of an Earthquake, class teacher will initiate action with the words – Drop, Cover, Hold.

    1. Pupils to get under desk or table near at hand – or
    2. Drop to knees, with back to window and knees together, clasp both hands firmly behind head/neck and closing eyes.
    3. Stay in this position until instructed to move. Teachers calm upset or pupils in a state of panic.
    4. The signal for evacuation will be continuous hand bell or electric bell.
    5. Evacuation area on main field.

Lock Down is initiated if there is a dangerous or threatening person (or animal) on the school grounds that we need to keep our students protected from. Parents will be notified via the school app and email or phone. We do not publish our procedures on line for safety reasons.

In the event of a Volcanic Eruption (ash fall) or chemical disaster , all students, staff and pupils must stay indoors. Dust masks, water and gloves are in each classes Emergency kit.

  1. Close windows and doors. In heavy ash falls, windows and doors may need additional sealing to avoid ash entering the school buildings
  2. Turn off air-conditioning unit.
  3. If outside, please make your way quickly and safely to your classroom.
  4. There will be an intermittent ringing of the bells