Teacher Allotments

Thanks for being great teachers!

We know you want great classrooms too!

We are pleased to fund an allotment budget for our teachers and specialists to purchase items which will be used to enhance the classroom or help achieve educational goals during this school year.

Allotment Policy

Allotment Amounts

  • Classroom Teachers: Not to exceed $100 per school year
  • "Specials" Teachers (Art, Music, Gym, Computers, Spanish): Not to exceed $100 per year
  • REACH Teachers & Therapists: Not to exceed $75 per school year


  • All funds voucher forms/receipts are due no later than Friday, November 2, 2018.
  • Any forms/receipts received after this date will NOT be reimbursed.


To submit a reimbursement for your allotment:

  • Print and complete the attached Funds Voucher Form
  • Attach copies of receipts
  • Return them to the PTG mail box in the office at your school
  • Checks will be returned to your school


For any reimbursement, proper completion of the voucher form and receipts are required. In order to keep accurate records for tax purposes, we must follow this protocol. No reimbursements will be made if the correct paperwork is not filed, or filed after November 2, 2018.


Please contact us with any questions.