Flexible Learning Opportunities

Flexible Learning Environment Opportunities

Hershey High School offers several options to give students the most flexibility in their learning, ranging from a fully online option to blended courses, to real-world learning through the Trojan Academy, to a dual-enrollment option so that students can earn college credit in high school. Frequently Asked Questions

HHS Innovators

The mission of the Hershey High School Innovation Team is to promote innovation for the purpose of building relationships, preparing students for their future, and participating in the school community.

Trojan Academy

Course Offerings:

  • Community Service
  • Passion-Driven Research

Blended Courses

Courses at HHS with flexible meeting schedule

(See below for more information)

Dual Enrollment

Enroll in College Courses


Fully Online Option

Blended Learning @ Hershey High School

Blended learning is an opportunity for students to engage in a flexible learning environment, which gives them more voice and choice in how and where they learn. In a blended course, students meet face-to-face with their teachers in a traditional class setting every other cycle day; on the alternate cycle days, students will still have work to complete for the course, as the scope of the course content is the same as it would be if the students met with the teacher daily. On the alternate cycle days, students will report to a learning commons location, such as the library for quiet study, a tutoring center for extra support, a maker-space environment to extend the learning, a testing center, or a collaborative space where they can work with other students to share ideas, create projects, etc. Teachers would also have the ability to pull students into their classroom on alternate days for extra help as needed.

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*Teachers will be available on the Class Study Hall days. Teachers will use this time to facilitate the course objectives to ensure student learning.

Advantages of Blended Learning

  • Time for students to reflect on their learning
  • Less stress for students
  • Preparation for life after high school
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Greater engagement
  • Student move at their own pace

  • Opportunity for one-on-one time with teacher
  • Remediation and enrichment opportunities
  • Personalized feedback
  • Timeshifting (time management skills)
  • Connection to teachers
  • Flexible schedule for outside school projects/athletics

HHS Courses Offered in a Blended Format During 2017-18


  • Honors English 9
  • Honors English 10
  • AP Language & Composition (11th grade)
  • AP Literature & Composition (12th grade)
  • Humanities 1 and 2 (electives)

Foreign Language

  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3
  • Spanish 4
  • Spanish 5


  • Biotechnology
  • CP Environmental Science
  • CP Physics
  • Honors Biology
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology


  • Intro to Computer Programming Using Visual Basic

Tech Ed

  • Financial Foundations


  • Passion-Driven Research

*Courses above will be offered based on student demand and teacher scheduling availability and therefore we are not able to guarantee that all courses will be offered. If there is inadequate demand for a blended course, students will automatically be placed into a traditional section of the course.

Guidelines for Student Success

  • Students should be self-motivated and independent learners.
  • Students will be expected to complete work independently on non-class days .
  • Students will be expected to follow attendance procedures by signing in to their assigned area on non-class days.
  • Students who are not demonstrating proficiency or maintaining adequate progress in the course may be asked to report to their teacher or to a quiet study hall on the non-class days to ensure successful completion of assignments.

Research on Blended Learning

If you have questions about blended learning, please contact Laurie Wade, Assistant Principal High School and Online Learning

Laurie Wade


717-534-2244 (ext 2249)