Scholarship Resources

This is your one-stop-shop when it comes to accessing financial resources to help pay for your Post-Secondary Education. Please note that applications/information will be updated as the current documentation is received.

Note: Each Halton high school has its own Awards & Scholarships each year. For those, please visit your Guidance Department and specific school website.

Students applying to post-secondary institutions are encouraged to register with:

Additional information is also available on, as well as's Finance link.

Students and their families are also encouraged to review the Ontario Student Assistance Program for important information regarding this provincial resource.

Awards requiring a nomination process

If noted that an award/scholarship is requires a "nomination by the school" or is "school sponsored", these awards require a student to be nominated by their high school. Schools may be restricted to submitting one student's name. If you have read the criteria for an award and feel that you meet the criteria, please speak to your Guidance Counsellor.

Awards requiring teacher references

Many awards and scholarships require that students submit teacher references as a part of the application package. Please speak to your guidance counsellor about the timelines required for this well in advance.

Disclaimer: This information is intended as a guideline. Students/families are ultimately responsible for research and meeting specific deadlines for the various scholarship opportunities. Groups and institutions may change any aspect (due dates, criteria, amount, etc) of a scholarship at any time. If you become aware of any inaccuracies, please email or so that we can update this resource.

You are responsible for research, accuracy and meeting deadlines.