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Welcome to the BRAND NEW Martin Street School! -Mr. C. Massey (B.A., M. Teach., M. Ed.) Grade 3 Classroom Teacher my email:

***please feel free to contact me anytime with any concerns - BIG or small!***

Important Reminders....

Class NewsFEED!

The Book Fair is coming to Martin Street next week!!!!!Students were sent home with a paper Wish List and some options. Parents are welcome to come during the Open House Evening of October 12 6:30-8:00!

Terry Fox Assembly! Flash Mob! School Song! How cool are Martin Street students! We will finally do our walk Thursday during periods 3/4!

The Reading Tree is back up at Martin Street! Students who read 25 (red), 50 (green), 75 (orange) and 100+ (Gold!) and a Fleurs de Lis (25 -French) books get to show off by adding a leaf to the Martin Street Reading Tree! Yes.......Raz-Kids books count too! Start a Reading Record where parents can sign each book you read and I can print off the Raz-Kids reading records for proof! Good Luck! Can you make it to 100? (books at your reading level - not kindergarten)


Thanks to all who came! Ben and Finn won the silent auction for "Hockey against Mr. Massey!"

The Martin Street Terry Fox Walk has been postponed until next Wednesday October 4th, 2017! Keep bringing in Toonies for Terry! We have been reading two non-fiction texts about Terry and The Marathon of Hope!

Wednesday Sept. 20th, 2017

Remember to return your Cross Country Permission forms by this Friday! We compete one week from today! Keep training hard!

We have been working on Place Value in Math (Hundreds, Tens and Ones) and 3 digit addition and subtraction. While reading our Raz-Kids books, we have been talking about Main Idea of a text, and our Writing has been to work on responses to the GOOGLE CLASSROOM questions!

Friday (FriYEAH!) We made it! What a great week!

Don't forget today is our Library Exchange! I expect each student to sign out 1 FICTION (chapter book or picture tbook STORY) and 1 NON-FICTION book (facts resource book: e.g., "Aboriginals" or "Sharks"). Library books must go home each night, and come back to school each to read after recess for our Silent Reading time! If you are not finished a book (say you have a long chapter book), you can RENEW the book for another week!

During our LIBRARY time each FRIDAY, Mrs. Webber will also be teaching our class MEDIA! (Part of Language Arts: Reading and creating newspapers, internet websites, movies (iMovie), blogs, Twitter, Instagram, magazines, commercials, advertisements! Very Cool! :)

Thursday Sept. 13th, 2017

Today we were able to log into and save progress and work to our...

1. Google Accounts: to access our email and Drive (saved written work - go to Google and click on the array of 9 squares on the top right hand corner),

2. (Reading) Teacher Username: cmasseye and...

3. Dreambox (Math) Website: iPad School Code: z3vf/martinsps Classroom: 3-1-MAR accounts.

I will print individual student cards to send home and keep at school for easy reference! If you forget, just go back to my email on Monday that has your USERNAME and PASSWORD for both accounts. I will send parents students' GOOGLE accounts, so that they can see your awesome work (usually typed on a laptop and saved to your DRIVE).

Monday September 11th, 2017

Today we have PE (gym), so don't forget your indoor gym shoes, comfortable pants/shorts and water bottles! Gym shoes should be clean (not street shoes and supportive, preferably with laces). Jewellery is strongly discouraged at school for Grade 3 students (unless there is a special occasion). Necklaces and earrings can lead to serious injuries during sports! Keep them at home please!

We also have our first MUSIC lesson with Mr. Schneider! He will teach you the new Martin Street Song:

Come On Down To Martin Street!

When you wake up in the morning and you jump out of bed,

Ready for a brand new day - “in house colours”

You head out the door to an awesome school,

Where you can learn, move, laugh, and play

So If you need a school to call your home,

Sunshine, rain or snow

Just come on down to Martin Street,

Where everyone loves to go

Parlant anglais ou francais,

We always strive for the best

Since 1920 and forever more,

We’ll be treating each other with respect and kindness

‘Cause if you need a school to call chez moi,

Sunshine, rain or snow

Bienvenue à Martin Street,

Where everyone loves to go

We’re not afraid to change the world,

We are Martin Street, we are the future you’ll see

From across the world to Canada,

at the best school that you can be

So If you need a school to call your home,

Sunshine, rain or snow

Just come on down to Martin Street,

Where everyone loves to go

Where everyone loves to go

Where everyone loves to go

I challenge the class to memorize the new school song! If you can recite or sing it, I will give you a prize and bonus computer time! Martin Street's GOT TALENT!


Friday September 8th, 2017

We made it to Friday! Fri-YAY! Brown Bag Biography Presentations were awesome! It was so interesting to see and hear about things that are important to our classmates! Way to go 3s! Great listening and speaking skills were used by all students today! Thank you for a great week! Enjoy your weekend! Mr. Massey


Thursday September 7th, 2017

Today we started the day with some Mindfulness exercises to calm our breathing and some stretches to reduce any stress! (We used the website GONOODLE!) We then read a book together called "T is for Teachers" and discussed all of the parts and people that make a school such great place to learn! We also read a non-fiction book "How Did They Build That?" and learned how engineers and construction workers built our new school. Students began a project called my Silhouette, where we projected their image on a poster and began to fill in their body things that make up their personality! Our first Cross Country practice was held at 1st break. We learned to run a pace that is consistent and to walk the last lap for a cool down. Grade 3s aimed to complete 3 laps of the yard. Each day we will try to run more laps and at a faster pace. Way to go Team Martin Street! The students will participate in a meet against other schools in Burlington at Sherwood Forest at the end of the month ( Wednesday Sept. 27th) so keep training hard, eating healthy food and getting plenty of rest each night!

-Mr. Massey :)


Wednesday September 6th, 2017

Today, we had our very first Martin Street Assembly! Our principal, Mr. Albrecht, introduced staff, and welcomed students that have come from different schools. "The Buddy Bench" was introduced (if you are lonely, sit on the bench and a friend will come and join you), Student Council for grades 5-6 and the Cross Country Team begins practices this Thursday at first break each day. Remember to bring running shoes and a water bottle! Run first and then eat after.

Please see our new Weekly Timetable on the next page! The students started with Visual Art and their very first Core French lesson (one per week). We read the book "First Day Jitters" by Julia Dannenberg, and discussed how everyone is nervous when we start school...even the TEACHERS! :) We also read "Monstrous Manners At School" and discussed how to behave and treat others at Martin Street. Each student wrote about "What I wish my Teacher Knew About Me" and posted them in the classroom. We also worked on our "All About Me" posters that will be hung for the beginning oft the year, so that we can all get to know each other's interests and personal lives. Please send in a photo of your child, so that he/she can glue it onto the poster. Thanks! :)

Don't forget to start collecting items for your Brown Bag presentation on Friday!(An extension until Monday is fine if your child needs more time). I will also help with the sentence writing if they need assistance. I sent home a page outlining your task and sentence starters to help you prepare! Don't forget to practice at home!

Mr. Massey :)


Tuesday September 5th, 2017 (First Day of School!)

Welcome back/to Martin Street!

Today was a great first day in Grade 3 room #110! Students were assigned lockers, desks and materials for the new school year. We have reviewed routines and expectations to help students have a successful start. In the morning, students will wait on the blacktop at the back of the school (teachers with orange vests on duty) and enter at the 9:15 bell to our classroom through door #5. After school, bus students go to the gym and line up in their bus lines YMCA/MCRC after school care room is just around the corner from our classroom. If you are picking up your daughter or son, please wait on the blacktop (teachers are also on duty) and they will come out of door #5 at 3:35 pm. If you would like to come into the school to see me or the classroom, please enter the front of the school and sign in with the secretary. I would love to meet all of you! If you aren't able to see me after school, we will have an open house later in September, where you will be given a formal welcome and tour or our beautiful new school and classroom!

This week will mostly consist of get-to-know you type games and activities, as we begin to build our classroom community around shared values. Homework each night (approximately 30 minutes in grade 3) will mostly be online READING (Raz-Kids website) and MATH (Dreambox website). I will be sending an email and posting on this website your son or daughter's account username and passwords, and the expectations of work on the websites. These sites save their progress and they earn rewards for completing assignments! They will love it!

***If you do not have access to a computer or internet, please contact me and I will help with some alternatives.

*Me Bag Presentations! I have asked the students to start gathering items that they can use on Friday for a short "Show and Tell" presentation. 5-10 items in their backpack that will tell the class something about them (could be favourite stuffed animals, trophies, artwork, poem they wrote, pictures of family members, lucky charms etc.). They could practice at home describing each item and why they are important to them! Just a short 2-3 minute presentation on Friday!

*First Day Forms Envelopes went home today in their backpacks! Please fill out the forms and return them to class by Friday! Thank you! They have important contact info etc.)

I hope this wasn't too much info! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me!


Mr. Massey :)

"I Wish My Teacher Knew..." Activity and Discussion!

Friday September 8th, 2017

Brown Bag Biography Presentations were awesome! Mr. Massey was a bit nervous to present his Biography first, but he relaxed when he could see that everyone was listening with their EYES, EARS and HEARTS! It was so interesting to see and hear about things that are important to our classmates! Way to go Grade 3s!

On the first day of school students will meet their teacher (me) on the blacktop at the back of the school. I will have a sign that says "Mr. Massey's Class Grade 3" so you can find me easily. I will then walk you to your assigned locker and into the classroom for some fun get-to-know-you games and fun!

I can't wait to meet all of you!

Mr. Massey :)

Introducing.....The NEW Martin Street School!

Martin Street Public School

184 Martin Street

Milton,Ontario L9T 2R4

Phone: 905-878-8191

School Year 20172018

Grades Junior Kindergarten - Grade 7

Number of Students*546

Principal: Dan Albrecht

Vice Principal: Christine Blakeley

Senior Secretary: Jean Royce

Superintendent: Jacqueline Newton

Superintendent Executive Assistant: Susan Thrasher

Trustee: Donna Danielli

School Council Co-Chair: Karen Grady

School Council Co-Chair: Louise Thewliss

Martin Street School You Tube videos (by Larry Arbuckle drone footage) that show the construction phases and progress over the past two years! We have been waiting for sooooo loooong! It's finally time to come back home!

Here is a video showing the construction progress over the last year!

A video tour inside the school and a welcome message from our amazing principal, Mr. Albrecht!

Books we have enjoyed so far this week! :)