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School's Phone Number: (423) 874-1900

Mrs. Keith's Class Number: (423) 874-1900 (ext) 1290

The School's Website: http://www.redbankhigh.com

This course introduces the hardware and software components of Geographic Information Systems and reviews GIS applications. Topics include data structures and basic functions, methods of data capture. sources of data, and the nature and characteristics of spatial data and objects.

Current Projects:

  • BIM
  • Georgia Barrier Island
  • Rock Point Schools

Last Year Projects:

  • Hurricane Harvey/Houston
  • Hurricane Irma/U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida Keys
  • Hurricane Maria/Puerto Rico

Past Projects:

  • Mapping of EPB Solar Farm
  • Mapping of The 1833 Cherokee Removal
  • Mapping of churches and cemeteries of Bradley County
  • Mapping of Hamilton County Schools
  • Mapping of November 17th tornado in Washington, Illinois
  • Mapping of Hurricane Matthew


GIS Computer Lab


Computer Lab of 25: $25,000

Drones: $10,000

In 2011, Mrs. Keith submitted an application to get a grant for a new computer lab. They accepted the grant in 2012 and when the school got the lab, she decided she would also submit an application to get the plotter, a computer printer that prints vector graphics. The lab is used for all kinds of science, but integrates GIS the most. It is the only GIS/OSM lab in the State of Tennessee just for high school students, and has been used for professional conferences twice.


If anyone would like to donate, here are the things the class needs.

AFUNTA Propeller Blades Protection Guard Cover and Props 5x sets for Hubsan X4 H107C H107D Quadcopter-$7.99

Funny Utopic For Hubsan Orginal H107C H107D Motor 8x20mm Motor For Hubsan X4 H107C H107D RC Quadcopter-$8.99

Tenergy TN438 16-Bay Auto-detect AA/AAA NIMH/NICD LCD Built-in IC protection Smart Intelligent Battery Charger With AC Wall Adapter And Car Adapter-$36.99

Or you can bring money to Mrs. Keith.

GIS Art Wall.

Alexis Van Menxel

Chrystion Mckiben

Rilea Newton

This Project that we made represents different elevations in mountains as you can see where the lines curve shows that there is a difference in elevations and we represented this by drawing our hands and showing that our hands are 3D against the paper as a mountain is 3D against the surface that it is on.

Gabrielle Dobbins

Selena Medrano

Chrystion Mckibben

Avianna Harris

Dominic Crawford

Alexis Van Menxel

Rilea Newton

Garrett Crumley