Pupil Personnel Services

Pupil Personnel Services is a team effort consisting of school guidance counselors, nurses, classroom teachers, psychologists, speech and language therapists, special education teachers, social workers, related service providers, AND YOU, THE PARENT, working together to help your child. 

Hauppauge's Pupil Personnel Services Department includes oversight for Special Education, Section 504, Nursing and Health Services, Psychological/Counseling services, and Related Services.  We offer many specially designed individualized services and programs to meet the unique needs of our students. 


Rebecca Bilski, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services, McKinney-Vento Liaison

email: bilskir@hauppauge.k12.ny.usDr. Jennifer Eastman, Director of Secondary Pupil Personnel Services and ENLemail: eastmanj@hauppauge.k12.ny.us Norell P Young, Director of Elementary Pupil Personnel Services and ENLemail: youngn@hauppauge.k12.ny.us Support Staff:
Samantha Caylor, email: caylors@hauppauge.k12.ny.usPrincipal Office Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent for PPSPre K & Elementary Secretary, Homeschool, Initial Referrals, McKinney-Vento, Out-of-District, Specialized Transportation, and Technology DevicesJennifer Ferremi, email: ferremij@hauppauge.k12.ny.usAccount Clerk & Assistant to the Director of Elementary PPS & ENLRelated Services, Hearing Equipment, Orders & Billing  Laura Minella, email: minellal@hauppauge.k12.ny.usOffice Assistant; Middle School and High School, Post Graduate Records, Archiving

School Building Support Staff

Bretton Woods Elementary

School Psychologist: Dr. Litza Jean, jeanl@hauppauge.k12.ny.us

Guidance Counselor: Toby Poveromo, poveromot@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Speech Therapists: Deborah Cohen cohend@hauppauge.k12.ny.us

                                            Beth DiCalogero dicalogerob@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Nurse: Maryann Leap leapm@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Forest Brook Elementary

School Psychologist: Sharon Steinert, steinerts@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Guidance Counselor: Chelsea Falco, falcoc@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Speech Therapist: Michele Karszen, karszenm@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Nurse: Grace Felice, feliceg@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

The Pines Elementary

School Psychologist: Dr. Michael Weisberg. weisbergm@hauppauge.k12.ny.us

Guidance Counseloer: Kerry Dwyer, dwyerk@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Speech Therapists: Lori Graebe, graebel@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

                                           Kelly Wieta, wietak@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Nurse: Marianne Lieberman, liebermanm@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Hauppauge Middle School

School Psychologist: Dr. Kimberly Arias, ariask@hauppauge.k12.ny.us

Social Workers: Jennifer Kalevas, kalevasj@hauppauge.k12.ny.us  

                                    Pamala Ricotta, ricottap@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Guidance Counselors: Erik Clark, clarke@hauppauge.k12.ny.us

                                                  Reagan Lynch, lynchr@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

                                                  Andrea Olivero, oliveroa@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Speech Therapists: Alyssa Levy, levya@hauppauge.k12.ny.us  

                                            Kelly Wieta, wietak@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Nurse: Mary Nowotarski, nowotarskim@hauppauge.k12.ny.us  

Hauppauge High School

School Psychologists:  Dr. Annie Huang, huanga@hauppauge.k12.ny.us

                                                  Aimee Niegocki, niegockia@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Social Workers:  Megan Gersbeck, gersbeckm@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

                                      Shannon Griffin, griffins@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

                                      Andy Morris, morrisr@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

                                      Colleen Ruffini, ruffinic@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Guidance Counselors:  Gregory Foster, fosterg@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

                                                   Heather Hiotis, hiotish@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

                                                   Danielle Montera, monterad@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

  Kelsey Schneider, schneiderk@hauppauge.k12.ny.us

                                                   Marisa Wanatick, wanatickm@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Speech Therapist: Michele Petraco, petracom@hauppauge.k12.ny.us 

Nurse: Carolyn Muller, mullerc@hauppauge.k12.ny.us