WHPW Wishlist

Stereo Gain Control - $400.00

Security Equipment - $2,000.00

New automation computer & software for broadcast - $2,500.00

A studio and all the things that go with a broadcast studio: furniture to microphones.

Production pods - in other location, such as libraries.

Production workspaces (studios) for both on-air and other.

Office and meeting space:furniture, computer, printer, large screen, etc.

Transmitter connectivity module and connection - $1,000.00

Antenna upgrade and installation - $1,800.00

Streaming set-up costs - $3,000.00.

Broadcast console.

Broadcast audio processor - $6,000.00

Funds to allow us to stream online.

If you are interested in supporting the radio station by donating the funds for any of these items or have any questions about our wishlist, please call John

at 207-833-6618 or email John at harpswellradio@gmail.com.

Thank you for

supporting the Harpswell Radio Project.