Our Program Director is working hard to bring you relevant news, unique music & programming, as well as the Town of Harpswell Select Board Meetings on Thursdays.

As more volunteers become part of WHPW's programming, creating shows of their own, such as WHPW's Feezable Tracks,  you will be listening to more local shows. For now we are broadcasting shows mostly produced by other community radio stations around the country - part of the national "radio" community. There are some amazing shows being produced and we are proud to have them as part of our

radio programming.

You may notice sometimes shows will be broadcast at different times during the week. 

Some are repeats and some shows have been rescheduled for various reasons. 

As we work toward a more permanent 

schedule, please bear with us and just enjoy the music.

Past Radio Bytes

Radio Free Albany

with Larry Becker

An In-Depth And Comprehensive Blues Show With Stories About The Music's Origins

Radio Bytes A - F

Radio Bytes G - L

Radio Bytes M - R

Radio Bytes S - Z


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WHPW's Program Line Up Includes:

Feezable Tracks *

Moist Fluids *

Round the World with Cracklin" Jane*

All Mixed Up

Kensington's Premium Blend

Modern Jetset

Julian Taylor's Jukebox

Afrosonic Taxi

Le Show

Down The Road

Opus Day

Indigenous In Music

Modern Jazz Today

Baroque and Beyond


Up Front Soul

The Piano Men

Deep Threes

Letters to Washington

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Blue Light Central

Peace Talks Radio

The Mop Tops and The King

WoodWarbler's JazzGrass


National Native News

Rock'n Down Under

*Hosted by WHPW