Radio Bytes S - Z

Syntheclectico with Lang Baker

Syntheclectico is a program of electronic and experimental music, cutting across the boundaries of nations, culture, and genres

What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? With Paul Fischer

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? is a “newsical” series from an award winning writer/producer Paul Fischer. Paul spent 24 years writing for Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News and has now returned to his roots in public radio. Each episode explores a single subject with narration… music…. and soundbites.

WoodWarblers JazzGrass with Brian Aust

JazzGrass offers listeners fabulous sounds of bluegrass, jazz, and artists that blend these along with other styles. This two-hour show brings you the best of both bluegrass (hour one) and jazz (hour two) and some in between.

Up Front Soul

with Sanguine Fromage

Funk, soul, and jazz, plus sprinklings of R&B, gospel, and hip-hop. Produced for WERU in Maine, UpFront Soul showcases obscure artists and back-catalogue offerings from more familiar names. 120 minutes of soulful sounds to which you may get down.