What You Can Do

Listen Up!

Our programming is constantly evolving, as we finalize our programming schedule, enjoy a wide diversity of shows: music, commentary, local programming. If you have favorite shows you have been listening on WHPW, please give us some feedback. We would love to hear from you! Email us or give us a call at 207-835-1018

Remember: WHPW is where you can hear some great music you may never have heard before or some old favorites. You won't hear music like this on any other station in the area. Stay tuned!


It's easy to become a member at any level. There are many ways to support the radio station financially. We thank you for any support you can give to the radio station.

Basic Annual Membership

Individual $25.00

Student $15.00

Family $40.00

Business $70.00

Non-Profit $40.00

This is so easy!

Save your change for a month (or more) and donate it to WHPW!

Speak Your Peace/Say Your Piece

Have something to say that has been on your mind lately?

Soon you will be able to call us, leave your peace/piece and we will put it on the air*.

*Subject to FCC rules and, of course, civility.